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Asian American Spotlight (No.3) - Dumbfoundead

Up next in my spotlight of Asian American is L.A. Korean rapper Dumbfoundead.  I first heard of his music from Grace 'Peachies' Su's blog.  Grace posted this amazing youTube video where Dumbfounded orchestrated this on-line musical collaboration with 7 other muscians across the world.  It's a great innovative way to create music with talents all over the web. 

Go check out his music and download some tunes for free at:  http://dumbfoundead.com

Actually, it was through his music that I found out about Sam Ock, the spotlight artist last week.  Here's the collaboration track between L.A.'s Dumbfoundead and Maryland's Sam Ock:

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Wow, I am humbled. These guys are all amazing...thanks for posting.
over 10 years ago
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i love these guys! represent and respect!
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