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When keeping fit is everyone's habit now. ??: @mensunohk @chiukingho @delphiaip ❤️: @starzpeople @starzkate2

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Boxing with my sista can always put a smile on my face. Sweaty Thurday! Boxing buddy for the day: @inezleong Our master: @billythelionking @jbfitnessstudio

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Snapchat is fun. ✌?️ Make Up: @peggyti17 Hair: @sky_wong

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One more choice from now on. ?

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Ketchup magazine獨立了,一書二冊,唔係唔支持丫嘛? ?? @ketchupmagazinehk @expedia_hk

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Bioré 水凝長效保濕防曬乳是我最近的好幫手,它的質感水漾透薄,塗上後不黏膩,令我的肌膚零負擔,防曬系數更達至SPF50+ PA++++。它還很適合我每天上學或拍攝前使用,可當作是妝前底妝。

☀️ 陽光,再不是敵人。

BioreHongKong #UV

@spring_pr @ggtsoi

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Another typical morning with the blooms - I realize I'm no longer the little girl four years ago. Counting down the days till I fulfilled my promise. I know I can do this! Best luck to the DSE students as well, with all my blessings.??

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我去MV探班嗰日, 呢首歌已經係我嗰到係咁loop. Keep it up, my SISTA. #血一般紅 ?❤️ New song by: 連詩雅 Shiga @shi_ga Photographed by: 鐘浠文 Zelia @zelia

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? 兒童節也正是牠們的生日 由陌生的第一次見面 到現在有默契的相處著 我很感恩 有你們靜靜地陪伴我 渡過很多寧靜的下午 也感謝你倆 改變了一個本來很怕貓的我 小寶貝們 繼續無憂無慮地生活下去 繼續當你們爸爸的小天使 生日快樂 ?

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Way too cute. ? #jessicarun

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