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Behind the scenes of our Dance Cover - thanks with all my heart to everyone who had devoted their time and effort on this. Full Version would be uploaded onto my FB page tonight. Facebook Page: Christy Lai 黎紀君 Song: Hyuna - Roll Deep Studio: @pulsedancestudio Dancing queens: @tiffany914 @helen_yu0611 Dancing queen too (haha): @water2water Part-time Photographer (heehee): @gregorywong

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Catch ups should always be like this. ?

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Owning the moment. Stay tuned yoo~~?? Upcoming video for my FB page and @pulsedancehk

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? @adidashk @starzpeople

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奔跑的人生 - 完成第二場任務 趕去第三場 黎病人岩岩發現 今日全日落肚的就係三粒燒賣魚蛋... By the way, it's always fun to work out in a crew. ❤️ @adidashk @starzpeople

teamadidas #heretocreate

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?Melissa Event - candy afternoon with my fair ladies.

MelissaMdreamsHK @starzpeople

Make Up: @asterphangmakeup Hair: @skywong @lamodsalon

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With my girls ?????? #lastnight Make up: @asterphangmakeup Hair: @skywong

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?: 我今日咁靚仔 唔係唔自拍下話?

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I sketch and colour for lazy weekends. 今日我的三位女主角 - my queens. ? #whosnext

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The fever kept haunting me. What happened to me... 看來是個乖乖宅在家的星期六了?

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