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Excuse me when I'm in Pattaya.☀️

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Yay it's out! My pleasure to work for Watsons HK and thanks for this precious chance. It was an amazing experience working with 魯芬BB, DDB雄哥 and a great team. Last but not least, a big kiss for my queen @ceilingleong @starzpeople to make this happen? Link on my FB fanpage: Christy Lai 黎紀君




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是日拍攝完成 搞掂 食碗麵 ??

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只要相信夢 相信自己 定能飛 ?

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The Hiking Monkeys ?

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咦聽講茶木有新活動啵,由依家開始Upload一張飲奶蓋嘅相就可以有杯免費奶蓋飲,快啲參加喇! 依家下載T-Factory APP即可獲得5大餐飲品牌美食~~~ (BTW, 我要encore牛肉麵唔該??) @teawoodhk

奶蓋一下 #茶木 #tfactory #tfactoryapp

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Be alone together??Flipping the pages of memories in Singapore, laying back and editing a 1 min clip sum up my afternoon for the day. Dear my two sweeties, no matter whatever happens, we have a good time and we always do. @jennycman @michellethelee

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打從心底的感動。 Home is where my mum is. ❤️?? 母親節獻映《小花的味噌湯》

由5月5日 上映期間 每售出一張戲票 將捐出港幣2元 予「香港癌症基金會」以支持其免運費癌症支援服務 確保患者「抗癌路上不孤單」! Please Support!






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母親節是日活動 - 為媽媽煮了一頓四餸一湯的晚餐,其中一道係金菇牛肉卷。今日考完打鼓試,再準備這一切,累,但值得。 一句好味,一個笑容,已經足夠。 其實有你,每天都是母親節。 Dear my queen, please be happy. Sometimes, the simpler the better.

More dishes on: @cookin_bae

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