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Shout out to the black out curtains in my hotel room for really doing their job and letting me sleep in until 11:11. Both sleep and 11:11 are just sooo grooovyyyy you guys! I NEVER GET TO SLEEP IN THIS IS SO GREAT!! IM LIKE A TEENAGER AGAIN. ITS ALMOST NOON AND IV DONE NOTHING PRODUCTIVE! NOW IM PANICKING ABOUT THAT A LITTLE BIT AND I MUST GO..WHY AM I YELLING? ‼️EDIT: just learned this is also my 1111 post on Instagram and that's a COMPLETE coincidence so I'm gonna just go find a unicorn who can be my child and also sing like Adele cause it's probably po...Read more

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If anyone needs me I'll just be under this pile of dogs.

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tbt to that time we were in a 90's hip hop band. @austinnichols @hardwick @itswilwheaton @michelemorrow @lydiahearst @annewheaton @kyle_newman

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Spring is here? #boyswillbeboys?

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This interview encompasses me trying to live life as a professional adult. Barelyyyy hangin on. Skip to 1:20 for the good stuff. @lukemitchell17 http://youtu.be/yLasT8HLxKs?a

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Caught myself a lil Easter bunny. ☺️

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New bf.

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Shout out to @lukemitchell17 for always reminding me how beautiful I am....??

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