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Lukey (said in bad Australian accent), this is a picture of you with a chicken breast gently placed on your hand. I'm pretty sure for entertainment I put it there while you were having a conversation, and instead of acknowledging it you just continued talking and then walked out with it on your hand. WHO DOES THAT? THATS INCREDIBLE! It's unfair that someone could be so talented, funny, and kind all at the same time. At least your not good looking. That would just be unfair. Anywayyyy, UGH you know how much your friendship means to me. I love you dude. Xx

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This guy. Three years ago I met this guy in a parking lot in the middle of the valley, he was the first person on the cast I met. Who knew the incredible journey we were about to begin?! Look at where we are! Bretty boo, the show is what it is because of you. Your talent is undeniable...and so are your puns.... And your buns. I digress.. ? I love you. You are my brother for life. XX @imbrettdalton

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We're #1 in the USA. If I didn't just aggressively stub my toe I would be JUMPING UP AND DOWN WITH LOVE FOR ALL OF YOU! ???? #agentsofshield

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Netflix and puppy.

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Travel buddy poop scoop. I like you. @austinnichols

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Des Moines IA, I'm dancing in you. ? by @austinnichols

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On our way to @wizardworld Des Moines. Come holla if you're close. ✨ #splitends

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Adios Georgia ?

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Made some blueberry crumble bars. Cause I'm in Georgia and that's the kind of thing that happens down here.

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