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Me last night worrying about the future of our country after the GOP debate.... Or this was me after a car accident on #agentsofshield I don't knowwww I don't know same thing. #fbf

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Repost from the @agentsofshield insta. Dancing while sitting while getting make up done. ?

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Everyone's starting their Monday and I'm over here. #couldsleepfor1729942995morehours.

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Just hanging out in this incredibly well lit living room. @natefillion @hardwick @yvettenicolebrown @danaigurira @austinnichols #thetalkingdead #thewalkingdead

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When you love the snuggle, but your not sure if the relationship is gonna last long term. ? by bae @austinnichols

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Some things never change. Except hair beads. And height. Turns out those things do indeed change. @austinnichols

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Just your average soccer mom over here. #dogcarseats #theymatch #twins #marykateandashley

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DUDES. Pleaseeee welcome @yosoycordova to @agentsofshield !!! She's the best. And also plays one of my most favoritestestest character Yoyo Rodriguez. #secretwarriors Send her love! (No dick pics) but lots of love!

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That smile at the end. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!??!!!! #Tbt

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Hey @bandaidninja , I get a lot of letters but what you wrote in your card really meant a lot to me. Also this amazing hat that you MADE are you kidding??! It's incredible. Thank you for the love. And thanks for including your insta so I could say thank you. Xxx

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