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What I'm up to right now | 正在做什麽 | 正在做什么

Hi everyone! 

So as of right now I am sitting on my bed in Chicago with my puppy Lucy (who is the love of my life...along with Justin Timberlake). I Just arrived here from Beijing and as much as absolutely love China, it feels very good to be home! It is hard to be away from friends and family for a long time! Even though my brothers are really annoying... and smelly.. haha just kidding. I sitll love you guys! 

Anyway right now my days pretty much consist of Singing lessons and dance classes which is a lot of fun but hard work. Im also getting ready to go to New York, which is one of my favorite places in the whole world! Im gonna go catch up with a few people over there and then from there ill make my way over to London! Which Im really excited about!!! I will be recording one of my favorite songs in the history of all songs! And thats impressive because I don't usually have a favorite anything |大家好!


這一刻我坐在芝加哥家裏的床上,跟我的小狗 Lucy 在一起(它是我生命中的至愛...還有Justin Timberlake)。我剛剛從北京回來,非常愛中國,感覺很好,就象家一樣! 但我不願意長久離開朋友和家人! 雖然我的兄弟們還真是呱噪...身上味道也不好聞.. 哈哈,開玩笑的,我愛你們!

目前我的生活被歌唱和舞蹈訓練課塞得滿滿的,有趣但也很辛苦。我的下一站是紐約,那可是世界上我最愛的城市之一! 我會在那兒和一些人見面,之後前往倫敦! 真是太興奮了!!! 我會錄一些自己最愛的歌! 這很厲害,因為基本上我不會太過熱愛任何東西|大家好!

这一刻我坐在芝加哥家里的床上,跟我的小狗 Lucy 在一起(它是我生命中的至爱...还有Justin Timberlake)。我刚刚从北京回来,非常爱中国,感觉很好,就象家一样! 但我不愿意长久离开朋友和家人! 虽然我的兄弟们还真是呱噪...身上味道也不好闻.. 哈哈,开玩笑的,我爱你们!

目前我的生活被歌唱和舞蹈训练课塞得满满的,有趣但也很辛苦。我的下一站是纽约,那可是世界上我最爱的城市之一! 我会在那儿和一些人见面,之后前往伦敦! 真是太兴奋了!!! 我会录一些自己最爱的歌! 这很厉害,因为基本上我不会太过热爱任何东西。

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hi~ 很高兴认识你!在美国你还有机会看到Justin Timberlake哦!他也是我的最爱~
over 11 years ago
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Hi! Chole,妳好! nice to know you, 在芝加哥的生活比起北京怎么樣?妳在美國的時候有跟Avril Lavigne閤作過嗎?我很喜歡她,希望你將來會在中國有好的發展。加油!
about 11 years ago
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hey chloè nice to meet you i love your song uh oh!!! you're amazing do u have msn??? anyway good luck in your carrere!!!
about 11 years ago


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