Chloe Wang

Had a romantic in house lady date with @fancyhipster 💩

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This is dope. Done by Gabriele Dell'Otto! Who happens to be the co creator of "Daisy Johnson". My inner fan girl is shitting herself.

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I still sing "hollaback girl" every time I spell banana. And you're huge liar if you say you don't. 🍌

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So small yet so powerful

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@xanderritz ritz just tryin' see Margot.

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Also, I'm the untalented Asian Martha Stewart.

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Impromptu Oscar ge together with the boys.

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On my way to the Oscars! I hope I win! Fingers crossed.

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Honestly though Trader Joes just kill me.

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This is my "just got a ticket for jaywalking" selfie.

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Traditional Chinese Name 汪可盈
Gender female
Member Since May 26, 2009
Languages Spoken english, mandarin

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