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Wednesdays ya know

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Season 2 of #agentsofshield has indeed begun! Goodnight friends.

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Iain threw a pretzel in my eye. So naturally during the party I had to de-swell it with a Choco Taco.

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For lunch I will have a Nathan Fillion & Alan Tudyk sandwich please.

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Cherry on top of my comic con weekend was this panel. With these people. Who are way cooler than me. #nerdHQ

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Meeting this little nugget for the second year in a row made my day. #agentsofshield #comiccon2014

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I'm seeing double here. #comiccon2014 @lil_henstridge

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Bffs. @mingnawen @lilhenstridge @hayleyatwell #sdcc2014

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Cause there's actually nothing more awkward or hilarious than this. #agentsofshield #sdcc2014

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That Jawline is covered by a beard but he's still sexy. #agentsofshield #sdcc2014 @imbrettdalton

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Chloe Wang * official artist


Birthday 04-18
Gender female
Traditional Chinese Name 汪可盈
English Name Chloe Wang

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