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So many kisses over here

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Home sweet fuckin home. I love you.

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Hey @allymaki you're a gem. 🎎 Love you real good.

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My mingster! Happy birthday babes. May we forever show up to work wearing ridiculous outfits. Another year older, even though it doesn't matter cause it still looks like your 17! I love you! 🎉🎉🎉💃🏽💥

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Coming down with a cold...@lori_gonsalves

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Being on set with @nickdiscoblood is always so inspirational. #hardatwork #agentsofshield #hesstillasleep #asleepwhileholdinghisphone

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Hair by @bobbyeliot and makeup by @lizawithazee 🍕🤓

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I love them both so much that I just couldn't handle it. @motancharoen #regram

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I swear Iv never dropped him on his head. He's just veryyyy special all on his own. EDIT: to the poop heads who must always complicate things. A: he flops around like this ALL the time. Not just when wearing a sweater. B: He is not wearing clothing for my own amusement. The heat in my home is broken and he has been shivering. So I bought him a sweater.

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This picture has zero purpose. #gum

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