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Monday has us all like.... @imbrettdalton

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Happy birthday momma.You emanate kindness and brilliance unlike anyone else. I couldn't ask for a more incredible woman to look up to. I love you!!

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But for real, thank you @fancyhipster for yet again putting clothes on me ( kinda, cause you forgot a shirt) 😋

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We switched suits last minute. Think we made the right decision. @austinnichols #walkingdeadpremiere

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Spent the morning with a dinosaur @whoopigoldberg and @clarkgregg .... You know causal Friday morning. Our shenanigans will air on @theviewabc on Monday! #nycc

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Happy birthday pops. You have the most beautiful and generous heart. You are responsible for ALL the happiness in my life. Truly, no one compares to you. I love you sooooo much. (Also I think my life jacket may be too big)

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My big brother @stephen_bw11 won't stop texting me videos of his cat.

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In advance I apologize for shitty grammar and spelling and general "A.D.D.-ness" about to happen in this post. Ten years ago my mom started a medical clinic in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. The initial goal was to bring basic mental and physical health care to those who desperately needed it. The first team consisted of my mom, dad, baby 13 year old me, and a small group of doctors...(crazy I know, cause of the whole part where I was a child and also not a doctor). Anywayyyy. What started out as a few doctors simply trying to help other people, e...Read more

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We're basically best friends @lolefranc #AgentsofSHIELD also I spelled her last name wrong in my phone. 👌🏻

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This is how Quake tweets. #AgentsofSHIELD

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