Chloe Wang

Throwback Saturday (not a thing I know) to when we shot for hours and hours with real needles all up in my body.

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Biking on this little darling to run errands today. Too bad I'm shit at riding bikes.

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They are two little unicorns. If only we lived closer so we could hug more. 💋💋💋 @lennonandmaisyofficial

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Can you guess who I work for? (Also yes I know I like denim shirts)

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My bangs are taking the night off. 👋

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Long distance good mornings w/ my bug. @austinnichols

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To everyone who came to Detroit today. You made my life. I love you. This is me in a stormtrooper helmet. ✌️

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Someone really liked purple. #Tbt

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Iain. Arthur. You're welcome. #agentsofshield #bts of the finale. Airing in 38 minutes.

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English Name Chloe Wang
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