Chloe Wang

Were all huge idiots. @fancyhipster @detailsalicia

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Late lunch nomnomnom

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Nothing screams gangster like three white girls at the flea market. @soniamichelle @fancyhipster

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The struggle is real.

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Oh shit. Four more days. Season two. #agentsofshield

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Because nothing is sexier then pimple cream on a Thursday night.

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Posing hard with some fucking AWESOME fan mail. I had to say the F word because it's that good. Sorry not sorry. You guys are the best.

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Check out my friend's super creepy film which opens tomorrow night in theaters, on ITunes and on VOD! 👌

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This is currently happening... Snagged the last two. 😏 that doesn't seem fair but... It's still going to happen.

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Whoa this is a dramatic pic. Blue Steel x9. Season two here we come. #agentsofshield airs sep. 23 friends.

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Chloe Wang


Languages Spoken english, mandarin
Location Beijing
English Name Chloe Wang
Traditional Chinese Name 汪可盈

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