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The big one nine.

Okay so last weekend was my 19th birthday.  Let me just say that the past year went by SO fast its actually unbelievable. It's like time in LA moves faster....? Anyway. Im the type of person that thinks of ideas for an awesome cool crazy blow out party ALL YEAR LONG, and then when it comes to the last month before my birthday I get lazy and then don't feel like planning anything. Thats what went down this year. So for reasons that I cant announce yet, my mom and two little brothers ended up coming into town along with a good friend from Chicago. I then invited the only three friends that I have in La, and we had our own little BBQ. The night was filled with good food, Coke pong (yes thats beer pong played in a kid friendly manner with Coke), Scattegories, laughing, and lots of people asking my mother about various health issues, she's a doctor. For me it was AWESOME.  I loved it. Check out the pictures.

ps. Can you guess what my two favorite colors are?

xo c

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