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maine's choice~

glad to hear dat sai li mui's charity book exhibition got a big success,hurray!!!thanks for posting  dear~ luv ur lil cutie camera,very nice indeed! the best thing to do in the winter must be hanging wit family,staying home n chilling around~i had a blast wit my family for a few days without any schedule.browse some shops, enjoy my mum's cooking,blah blah blah...hahha~ nice!rite,im packing my luggag...Read more

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halu guys, its a perfect day.

maine is going to get some fresh air ,gona miss ya guys,smiles:-)

always be hapi,life is good when friends are around! here we go:-)

luv u guys~


lil maine

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thumbs up Jumba!

Kevjumba--a 19 year old college boy in America. got a sense of humor n change the net world.dis is narly~ gosh...7hundred thousand subscribers,15 million clicks n donated 8thousand dollars to the charity. great job man,u rocks! i mean he's the utube sensation,many ppl addicted to his work.im so amazed dat he use the platform to do such a beautiful thing,tho his act sometimes kinda goofy,bt so..he do it in a best way.man..look! there are loads of ppl uploading angry  or  funi clips day to day, cant believe it's our city's awkward ...Read more

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有一些事情,若覺得有價值,就值得去追。明知解決不到的,也要笑著去面對。同一件事發生在兩個人的身上。可有極端的結果。開心多少賺多少之道很管用。笑一個好去做,很好很好。原來人類大腦是不懂得分辨真笑或假笑。只要用力大笑,無意思的笑。它就會分泌出一上激素令至更身體健康。每天早午晚請記得“哈哈哈”keke:-P新歌巳寫好了,這次會唱一些給自己的歌。編曲中,各位健兒請加油。謝謝你們對小明仔的愛和支持。peace~blessed,lil maine

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boom de yada!

besides the dvds' watchin' Bear Grylls is my fav lately. keke~not only of his good-lookin',m' more obsessed wit his beautiful mind.a real man tasting life takin' actions. wat he said reli impressed me---"" life is very simple, wat we put in is wat we get out""so true!no artifical, Bear n camera man shows the world to us wit appreciation.whenever catchin' frog or  stung by angry bee whist sneakin' honey.smiles n calm to taste every lil things around  n keep trying to reveal life.boom de yada!peacel...Read more

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here u go guys,some snaps of the daily maine in November. its getting colder,asthma is my close friend these days,hoho,neverless,glad dat loosing some weight recently,kinda heavy for me to cut off the sweeties,no....wea....very much addicted to movie watching these days,tones of dvds on da floor n desk..hahhalove the movies of Tod Field alot~no wonder he won numerous awards from the nation's top critics associations. the ''Little Children (2006)" definitely a great one,showing the love of the human kind...its so true,man.....Read more

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refresh rejoyce!

its time to get some refreshments! yea..december is going to be a movie month for maine.

rejoyce n smiles everyday~if its meant to be,then let it be!

maine @ studio 19.11.09


lil maine

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每人對事的體驗也許途徑不同,但最後也是能明白那是一種什麼樣的事。有大同的感受。為何所有種種都是說不定,也就是不能體會時就別要使明白。到時候,有時候,就一清二楚了。就這麼的自然清晰。﹣﹣﹣你我「他朝君體也相同」遇上了,更讓自己好好去學習。機會出現時,要不要把握也是一種選擇。很公平的。要知後果,就算撞至破頭,也得明白是必然的。若人是一杯水。清徹的思維可使你去得更遠更直接。想多了,也就令自己糊塗的可憐。是自作孽。好好享受一餐飯,一段戀愛也可他日記憶猶新。消化了,情緒釋放了,當作糞便也要好好的拉一次。人人大同,他朝君體也相同。小明仔電影「談戀愛」中小小明分享Read more

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