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finding my interest in acting like.2 years ago. back to the days, i only concentrated on singing for almost 7 years, never thought dat i would hve a chace to act..  it seems a mystery to me.  it's good! especially for a gal like me. very much need to learn to be patient!!coz its the first thing of all in acting! mostly we spent 5 hours waiting and an hour of camera rolling. funi and an absolute good training for me tho! haha:) i totally love it!this is so much different than being a singer, i sing watever kind i like, just to be myself always  feeling free. meanwhile acting is like being  a different person,so extreme~characters whom ar  strange to me. it makes me explore more in life!  gorgeous! im pretty much into guitar lessons these days, enjoy it alot, and my cracky fingers tell me it progressing well and pushing me a way far more to achieve!Life is GOOD! im going to held a mini concert in 903 SKYHIGH project in DEcember! and my new EP is going to released in the same month! :)looking forward to share my music to my dear all of you! its always my pleasures to do such a thing!im home alone at home, coz my lil sister is out town working in Singapore, good for blog writing i mean...hahhaa:P and i wrote a facebook message to her:" i miss you alot dear! will give u a big hug when u are home!"she might dun want it coz im always so sticky to her! haha"rite then! its time for reading n m' going to bed then! luv u all~love & blessed,lil Mainehhaa, checking the old pics, i dun recognise myself in long hair anymore.staying cropped is good i mean, easier to manage:Pnitezzzzzzzzz

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holy smokes, i don't recognize you either! :-D
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