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my fast blog May 2011

hey everyone;) its been awhile not doing my blog,yea..me is now focusing on the drama shoot which gona launched this month:) very much excited abt it coz its my first time participating in such a long progress shoot. we've been starting it from march til now. almost finished half of my part,nice experience wit such a bunch of good friends around.new things in life is always good to learn to:)yesterday,my birthday 2011--it was great, checking 2 movies at home. chilling, nothing much, a good holiday break! love it, blankin'  brain,relaxing! yup!and this April means alot to me, coz my new album is now on sale. i got alot of supports,thanks GOD.nothing is granted,so my lord thanks again to all different media providing a platform to show n to receive love:)very nice! at the same time,our music group begins to arrange songs for my new project, i would die for it, it jus make me feel so good! music is always a beautiful thing!thumbs up!i learn alot n everyday being a better me:) no one is perfect, me either. i dun have a dog in a fight. i jus want to make life easier happier, tho mostly we need to pay alot to get the simpliest thing! keep going, learning lilMaine;)"sometimes i think abt how people goes n come around, yea...they are all angels, and  timing is the key of everything.:) i hope u all doing well,God bless~luv & blessed,Maine"

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I love the pics!!!
almost 13 years ago
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I missed your birthday?!? Let's do a party! :-P
almost 13 years ago


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