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lovely feb~

halu guys, its been awhile not writing here, miss miss~in the bc feb, doing some craze stuff like shooting the "to haters" mv, very creepy very interesting.reli love the idea from our amazing mv director fatball!  repect~wondering if i should have my own band now,haha~~~wat u say? puhaha bunch of friends, full of laughters~ life is wonderful**okie~ left to right: Jeffrey da guitarist ,  vocalist me~charmaine, drummer~rap@ blaster, double bass~wai @ rubberband"wat a day~freezing wit loving!:)shout out to our great mv team: director aka fatball slim, super nice man~ alfred pangwe have a special guest in this mv, hope u enjoy the surprise! comin" up ~stayed tuned:)i would say im a IG addict now, haha~browsing all amazing ppl on net,they do reli nice pictures.love it~thnx my fans by drawing me these, definitely love their creations, their drawings are full of love n energy~ n they never miss the little 2 dots~ cheers~""by fonghoyin~cutie one~by RayChan:)another lovely piece"by spysiu""steady hand~like dat":)by ethan""ethan again:))""meanwhile im preparing the new songs for my own project 2012 , also writing songs for others. i like doing music no matters how hard it is :)thanks god let me doing this, i know its a blessing~the ATV drama“親密損友” will be launched this march on 19th, we are all very fresh in this, mainly singers,some are DJs, its a sit com. spending over 8 months in shooting~all actors having their first experience ,cant wait to see my new tv series:)trying new things exploring life always  make me hapi~i would do anything which make sense to me.actually im not keen on acting couple years ago, bt since then i find there are many things to appreciated for,filming team has a very close bonding mostly, we eat together, play together,learn together, jus like a big family~ new script everyday,its fun!two movies will come up this year~"春嬌與志明" ﹠ “懸紅出沒” ! looking forward to my new try;)smiles~love & blessed,charmaine"

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that's pretty good Caligraphy!
almost 8 years ago
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wow, what an action shot!
almost 8 years ago
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thanks for the update Maine! Looking forward to seeing your new MV and dramas! (baby unlock me!) ;-)
almost 8 years ago
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almost 8 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
good to hear from you again. glad to see you are doing well. =)
almost 8 years ago
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almost 8 years ago
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O wouh, you actually reply to postings, thanks! Love those funky pix and sketches. Coolio, it would be great fun to be in a band and I could totally imagine the great pieces, concerts and mv you guys would produce. Be the Lady Gaga of Asssia!!
almost 8 years ago
Only managed to listen to your 分手總要在雨天 and can't help looping it. Fantastic work and thanks.
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