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11.12.10"one day in my life"

on da way to bandroom rehersal. good mood rei~hoho~"Love" u guys~ haha, thanks Jeannie for reminding me to update my AND blog lately~i admit there are jus too much writing platforms for me at this moment. sometimes i feel like living in a big glass-house. sharings everywhere anytime..em...i wasn't sure if i like this at the first place. n when i start to get to write more, i found there are stil alot to appreciate for. sharings is always a good thing, especially  to someone who always care for ya.rite here n there~ kisses~'ve been bc on the rehersal for my mini gig on 14.1.11 radio 903 SKYHIGH Project!songs picking, doing the re-arrangements, blah n blah...everything goes smooth n enjoy  the music brain-storm moments all along~thanks Jeff( my music producer.my soulmate) always helpful n kind to me" haha..as i m so stupid on some decisions making for music. very creative but non-practical..hahayeayea..keep learning n move on.having such a great team is like wings on my shoulders~hugssss"weather's changing~ keep warm keep ur smiles~"my messy writing~ heeee"沒工作的曰子喜歡沒目的的遊巴士河。隨便挑個號碼就跳上車和不同住區的老少男女學生主婦專業人士阿公婆婆近距離接觸往往令我感到觸動。有時花6蚊幾毫有時十元八塊換一個體驗!值得花!只是仍討厭等車的悠長車站。不快待跳上車後全消。試試?你也許也像我一樣愛上這簡短旅程。內有驚喜+微笑"luv & blessed,Charmaine"

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love indeed! thanks for the update Maine. stay warm!
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