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Baby breakcore

He's a natural on the Kaoss pad. Will see him soon in some dark and damp club chopping beats. Glitch heaven!!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/vANqHhClg50&hl=en&fs=1

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Random erotic fashion photos found on the net. Photographer unknown.

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Hmm...seems like I am getting sick...a little bit of coughing...a little bit of aching.

I was rolling around in the bed and trying to catch some early sleep. A production meeting is waiting for me to command tomorrow morning. People like me got no time to be sick. Finally had to get up to get some meds at the store. While waiting for the med to kick in and knock me out, here's something totally random for ya.

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Photographer Grégoire Alexandre

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Feel like listening to some Classical this morning. The playlist got to Debussy's Claire de lune. It brought back two memories...One is when I edited a video for my little sister's wedding many years ago. It's a collage of all the pics of our up bringing and all the fun in our fantastic childhood. This is the music for it.

The second one is the scene of the unusual quiet Isaac Mizarahi in his NY's apartment in the film "Unzipped" with this piece of music in the background. This is one of the films that constantly pus...Read more

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Asian keyboard drummer


On the first beat and the turk beat...play the bass dum...

And the small dums called "Tomb", "Tombs".

This is Rock and Roll!!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJCWziYxRVs&feature=related And...

The Breakcore version...

Watch out, Venetian Snare!

Video: http://www.yout...Read more

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Bobby Lee Dragon Hunter 2

OK! When is this rain going to stop? Please don't kill my precious weekend. I really want to hang out with friends after a couple of weeks of crazy schedule.


This skit by Bobby Lee from Mad TV always bring me to tears. May this cheer you up in this nasty weather in HK or wherever you are. Enjoy the dragon stabbing!!! ;-)


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZqoh2aUW7g

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Angelo Badalamenti

I am in the mood of a soundtrack marathon today while I am at work. I dropped in "City of the Lost Children" by the genius Angelo Badalamenti. It brings me back immediately to the theatre when I first experienced this film...the mood, the color, the facial expressions...

"Twin peaks" next...


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Sting "Fragile"

There are a few songs/pieces of music that in my life that I listen over and over again whenever I need to indulge myself in the melancholy. There's nothing sad about my life (seriously). But I am strangely attracted to this state of mind. It's the time when I dive in to create the world of quiet romance, the abstract of the unspoken sensation...

It's over the 30th times that I listen to this song in this stormy afternoon and it will go on go...


Sting "Fragile"

If blood will f...Read more

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"Getting ready"

An on-going personal photography project.

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