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Hmm...seems like I am getting sick...a little bit of coughing...a little bit of aching.

I was rolling around in the bed and trying to catch some early sleep. A production meeting is waiting for me to command tomorrow morning. People like me got no time to be sick. Finally had to get up to get some meds at the store. While waiting for the med to kick in and knock me out, here's something totally random for ya.

ABBA was deeply tied to my childhood's memory. It's one of my dad's favorite groups or musicians along with Bee Gees, James Last, Richard Clayderman (Sigh!), Paul Mauriat (Yes! All the easy listening shit!)...Every morning at 6:45am, my dad blasted his music through the Harmon Kardon amp, Teac Deck and the JBL speakers. We don't need alarm clock. He just took away our comforters in the cold ass winter and cranked up the loud ass ABBA. Errrr...

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Airborne time! lolss Hope you feel better soon! =]
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