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I AM A BIG BIG FAN OF XANADU!!! Didn't see this coming, did you!

There are a couple of films I watched during my adolescent still lingering in my life up to these days. One is The Empire Strikes Back (my first ever 12" vinyl album for HK$18) and the second one is Xanadu. I had mad crush on Olivia Newton-John just like million others at that era...her voice, the leg warmer, the skates...I learned how to skate with my full-metal-adjustable-size-strap-on skates. I can barely contain myself when girls wear something loose fitting and "accidentally" drop the top on one side to reveal the shoulder like her in the film! You know the secret of how to seduce me. :-) Yup, blamed on ONJ!!! I have abused the white-color cassette tape like no one else. Listened to "Magic", "Suddenly", "Suspended in Time" and dreamed of yet to happen romance.

This film is my comfort food.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cHlFbxlCQU Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Kg2OQEq6TY&feature=relate

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Oh, my...you missed out the classic! It's very cheesy by today's standard. But if you have watched it when it came out, it's life changing!!! ;-)
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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
I think you must see this sort of film at the right age, and in the right frame of mind. One of my guilty pleasures when I was 12 was "Oliver". I'm not much of a fan of the musical, but I loved the sinister Oliver Reed as the villain. He was so sexy in a way that only wild, hard-drinking, devil-may-care men have. Somehow, that got through to me at 12. Maybe I was just preconscious.
over 15 years ago
This video is so romantically structured that flows like a river !!! Wished I could roller skate too LOL =)
over 15 years ago
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Oh, I have no guilt! I blogged about it, didn't I!? :-)
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