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It's going to be a long night...There are a couple of photoshoots that are piling up for retouching work and my upcoming directing schedule will be a bit crazy. Better tough it out tonight to bang out those photos. Browsing my harddrive and see what music ticks my fancy and get me thru the night...a mega huge folder of GusGus that my Icelandic designer friend Siggeir passed on to me awhile back! Ah, lovely!!! Still remember the 9-member superstar group that came out of nowhere under 4AD many years ago. What is this? Freaking whitey Wu-tang!!??? Members formed by producers, DJs, actors, film-maker, drag queen...The second best thing that from Iceland after Björk and before my designer friend. Been a loyal fan of this legendary record label and Vaughan Oliver's design (v23) since the beginning. They consume and influence my taste of music and design for years. Cocteau Twins still warms my ears when I needed. Now GusGus is 3 members strong in their own label Pineapple Records producing very soulful techno. Polydistortion is the best track ever!!! Nasty!!! Alright, time to get back to work and crank up the speakers to 11. http://www.gusgus.com

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Cocteau Twins is my favorite and robin Guthrie also. Nice to see you and i like your pictures which is in your web blog(not here).
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