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Long time no post

  Dear friends,Sorry it has been so long since I last posted on this blog :) been really busy working. I am a very happy girl since I've landed the Asia Ponds Campaign. We finished shooting the print earlier in HK and will be shooting the TVC to come in January. Unfortunately, the campaign does not get released till April next year! So I cannot at this moment show you what the pics look like although I took a few sneaky ones with my Sony Erricson phone :P The photographer I worked with was a lovely man called Charles, and he was so kind to take some new shots for my composite card, again, I still haven't been able to get the photos yet, but here's a sneak preview from my phone.DSC00259On top of that, I have done the print ad for a property called M.O.D. soon to be released in Hong Kong. I am not sure when it will come out, but if you see something along those lines, let me know too! Since I live in Lantau, I am always further removed from the city than most of you are heheHere's some exciting photos I took wearing Tiffany's Majestic necklace, almost broke my neck by the size of the diamond... quite an experience I would say.The team at Tiffany's were all really nice, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Here's the weblink31ee8p1new 31ee8p2new 31ee8p3new 31ee8p5new 31ee8p8new 31ee8p10new

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