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Best Warp Party EVER!!

We've wrapped the short film "Big Kong" (Passport delivery we changed the name for film festivals) and Yesterday our director brought us to Chelsea Sports complex for our wrap party. This is the first time that I went to a warp party that is not involve drinking! and it is super healthy and tons of fun! We went from going to the gym to rock climbing to basketball to boxing..... haha I haven't box in like 2 years so much fun doing it again. We were there from 4pm-10pm non-stop running around haha now I am at work with ...Read more

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My friend told me about a news that both really shocked me and scared me.

There is a Commercial / Print agency in NYC that has been around since 1974 and on the past Friday they have folded the company!! I don't want to mention any names but talents in NY all know who they are. This got me concern, you see since the agency is closed they are no longer responsible to pay their talents their pay check. So now the talent worked on the jobs but will never get paid for it.....

WOW! is the...Read more

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Happy V-Day! / Fashion Week NY 2009 / Fashion for RAINN

Hey Everybody!!

Happy V-Day!!  Have a blast with you and your Special someone!

So.. yesterday was the first time that I've ever attended the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Of course I was not modeling there cause I am so freaking short compare to all those other girls.  It was really interesting, the second you step into the tent in Bryant Park you'll see tons of Photographers snapping shots of all the High Fashion models and Designers. ...Read more

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Viet New Year

For the past year I've met so much new friends and a group of them are Vietnamese and Korean and thru them I learned that Vietnamese and Korean Celebrate the Lunar New Year like us! They have red envelopes and a big family dinner gathering. The only thing different is that in the Vietnamese Zodiac there is no year of the rabbit but rather the year of the CAT??? I was so shocked when I found that out. I was like so is Vietnam I am a Cat not a Rabbit??? WOW! That's new! But I still like rabbits better haha. So my friend asked me to be one...Read more

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Passport Delievery

For the pass week and a half  we'll be filming the short  "Passport Delivery".  During the shoot I've met more Asian Actors in NY and also film with my buddies that I've never been in a film with. The whole cast and crew are so much fun and friendly. It's been a while since I've been at a set as cool as this. Next week we'll be shooting the last scene and that will be a wrap......... I hope the director will submit this to film festivals.

Anyhow check out the story of the movie =) 

Cassie...Read more

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How is everyone doing?I wish every one a Happy New Year and a Happy Lunar New Year!!!

LET's ALL ROCK 2009!!

In the coming 2 weeks I'll be shooting a Short film with my Bro n Buddy!! We were talking one day and was like how cool it is if we get cast in a film together playing brother and sister. Then a week past by we both got a call saying that we are doing this short film togother, but we are not playing brother and sister but he'll be a mobster and ...Read more

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Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined ~Thoreau

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