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Passport Delievery

For the pass week and a half  we'll be filming the short  "Passport Delivery".  During the shoot I've met more Asian Actors in NY and also film with my buddies that I've never been in a film with. The whole cast and crew are so much fun and friendly. It's been a while since I've been at a set as cool as this. Next week we'll be shooting the last scene and that will be a wrap......... I hope the director will submit this to film festivals.

Anyhow check out the story of the movie =) 

Cassie, an illegal immigrant, delivery girl is an indentured servant to Big Kong, the mobster. One day she delivers to Brucey, a lonely intelligent account and it is love at first sight. Slowly their relationship blossum through their delivery dates. Then, Brucey decides he wants to marry Cassie, but Big Kong will not allow it, because Cassie has a contract with Big Kong for 7 years. Finally, Brucey finds the courage to stand up to Kong. Kong decides he will show his wit by finishing the argument in a mahjong and dice stacking duel. If Brucey wins he may marry Cassie and she will be free, but if Brucey loses… Brucey will be banished from America, and lose his love. In the end, Brucey loses. The audience sees Brucey and a suitcase go on a boat as he looks toward the skyline. Then, suddenly the suitcase unzips and Cassie‟s hand with wedding ring pops out of the suitcase. Brucey pats her hand and says, “See you in Hong Kong honey”.

Celia Au as Cassie

Felix Wong as Brucey

Shing Ka as Big Kong

Maria Castellon as Ms. Koda

James Tam as Johnny

Stephan Chan as Referee Dong

Tony V as Mobster

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