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Viet New Year

For the past year I've met so much new friends and a group of them are Vietnamese and Korean and thru them I learned that Vietnamese and Korean Celebrate the Lunar New Year like us! They have red envelopes and a big family dinner gathering. The only thing different is that in the Vietnamese Zodiac there is no year of the rabbit but rather the year of the CAT??? I was so shocked when I found that out. I was like so is Vietnam I am a Cat not a Rabbit??? WOW! That's new! But I still like rabbits better haha. So my friend asked me to be one of the model for the Vietnamese New Year gathering for the UN. I was like sure! Then I found out that we were suppose to wear a dress and everything!! I've done runway once before but never in a dress and the whole night I was so concern that I am going to trip and fall off stage. We have to wear a traditional Vietnamese dress (Which is really similar to ours), a hip cool clothes (No problem with this at all) then comes the scary part.... a Night dress!!! My friend told me that he knows that I was uncomfortable with the night dress because I walked really fast lol. Oh wells learned my lesson will walk slower next time. 

The Stage

traditional Vietnamese dress

My hip look (Of course i am the one with the tie)


pic with the Viet Ambassador

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Looks Good Celia!!!!
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