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Back to LA

Being back in LA always gives me a smile... I don't care what anyone says... something about the air, the people and the pace of the city charges me with energies like no other place. Maybe its cause its the place where our company was built and our fan base the strongest, maybe its the easy access to the presence of my parents or maybe its just what us boys call "Our Office"... where the Magic Happens. =)First of all, allow me to introduce the Greatest Breakfast on Earth!!!


Thoughts on Life has been quite interesting these days. It was always a goal to hustle harder, work longer hours and be more creative than anyone out there but I would often hit walls where I feel my body break down as I discover the pieces left on the floor that I had overlooked on my race for identity. Over the last 6 months, a lot has dawned on me when it comes to "Work-Life Balance". I think Ben and Gian had a lot to do with these thoughts as they have served to be my mentors in this area. I never realized the importance of pacing oneself while picking and choosing the moves that are made the biggest difference on a daily basis... my philosophy was always to work til I can work no more then pass out in anticipation for the next day... and at the same time, Give MAJOR PRESSURE to those around me to do the same... but now... I take Sundays off!!! And I also have learned to Respect people's expectations for living Life and working at a pace that's realistic and balanced to maintain their happiness. haha I guess what I'm trying to say, is that even though I take the one day off now that I'm back at home... things are still moving faster than ever and the team has been in sync and stronger than ever because there is a level of trust that has been established all of us to achieve our "Work-Life Balance"So the reason all that came to mind is the excitement that's taking place these days and You Heard it HERE First! =) The recent collaboration between FM and Baby Bash has been a chemistry experiment way beyond our expectations. (Shouts to Vir and E!) Bash has been very receiving to the boys and vice versa, I'm observing someone who's been through it all, Game recognizing Game and in turn, Bash serving as a role model that I'm sure he's come across on his way up as well. We dropped by Bash's video shoot for his new single and realized Arista is putting a lot on the line for this Star... and its probably well deserved.


Of course, every Hip-Hop Video's Gotta have Video HOnEyS. >: )


The boys making friends as always... man, I can't be more Thankful to the Latino community for their support. Its been overwhelming since day one from SiTV to the folks at Telemundo, we've had our share of experiences in rocking out for this awesome community!

boys1boys1 and More Friends...

firends2friends3 friends4friends5

and last but not least... FM, BabyBash and Lil Rob... "You've Got a Friend" Coming Soon! =)


So the Adventures continued during the week as Ben and I visited mentor and friend Greg Amerson's event for Playboy Legacy at the Celebrity Vault in Beverly Hills. I'm usually not totally entertained by photography as gallery pieces but Playboy really do portray women in a classy and sexy way beyond what any brand can live up to. The photos really speak on the quality control that Hefner had over the company for all these year and their attention to detail is inspiring. The interesting thing about the Playboy Legacy campaign is their box set limited edition (to 75 pieces) box sets selling for $75,000 a piece... haha Cha-Ching!


Marilyn and Stones @ The Celebrity Vault... What More Can You Ask For??!!?!?!?!?!


Greg, always looking out for a brother... and of course, the Guests of Honor! WHoohoo!!!


To close out the night, I stopped by Garden of Eden then picked up the girls at Edison for Breakfast. I don't remember what we were talking about but somehow, someway... I recall it being somewhat perverted! haha Oh wells, what else is there to talk about with 3 Drunk Gals and a guy that just came from a Playboy party right? haha Cheers to Los Angeles!!!!


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Mark moran in spokane 920x920
Hey! It's Alfred! Give that boy a smack on the back for me next time you see him. ;-)
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