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Asia Adventures

When they say Life in Asia is fast... they mean it. Our trip to Beijing went extremely well with the show completely blowing everyone out of the waters. Nothing the club has ever seen nor experiences... so of course, Bacardi wants more!!! So looks like the "Bacardi Boyz" will be hitting the clubs of China soon enough... in the meantime, I'm glad I'm going home tomorrow. =)One thing I love about Beijing... Giant Posters!

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You know I've actually never watched the show before but hear so many great things about it. Its amazing how many good dramas there are these days as I came across Mad Men via On Demand last night and it was so dayam addicting! For those of you who haven't seen it, its about Advertising Executives in the 50's and they really play out the environment to the fullest from everyone puffing away at cigarettes to inequality between sexes to the extreme! haha its amazing, ya'll should check it out.

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Rush Hour 3

Comes out in about two weeks but took the CMG squad out to see an advance screening as an outing. Unfortunately, it was quite the disappointment... Sad. alfhaRead more

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THE FLAVORED ANIMAL DROPPINGS MIXTAPE IS OUT!!!! We were gonna do a cool full-scale promotional push for this…but we got too excited…we just wanted to share the new music with yall as soon as possible…so expect a lot more cool stuff coming from us over the next few weeeeeeeks…..

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Thriller, the Power of Music

Its Amazing how  a Hit Song can carry on for decades... even in a Prison!!!

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Back to LA

Being back in LA always gives me a smile... I don't care what anyone says... something about the air, the people and the pace of the city charges me with energies like no other place. Maybe its cause its the place where our company was built and our fan base the strongest, maybe its the easy access to the presence of my parents or maybe its just what us boys call "Our Office"... where the Magic Happens. =)First of all, allow me to introduce the Greatest Breakfast on Earth!!!

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