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You know I've actually never watched the show before but hear so many great things about it. Its amazing how many good dramas there are these days as I came across Mad Men via On Demand last night and it was so dayam addicting! For those of you who haven't seen it, its about Advertising Executives in the 50's and they really play out the environment to the fullest from everyone puffing away at cigarettes to inequality between sexes to the extreme! haha its amazing, ya'll should check it out.

I heard 24 takes place over the course of 24 hours where so much happens within the hour that makes it the exciting show it is. Well, sometimes I don't think my life is too far for that. OF course, I have learned to slow down recently to balance life a bit, but I recall the days when EVERYDAY was   ACTION PACKED like 24...



Tired, after a 2 hour nap... it was time to get up and I slept 5 minutes into my alarm. Eyes are foggy and I'm thirty... I need OJ! Flying jump dive into the shower... Thinking to Self "Gotta leave by 6:30!!!"


Texting James Me:"Yo where ya'll at?" James: "Jae is on the way"


Calling Jae Me: "Ring Ring...Ring Ring" Jae: "Yo" Me: "Where you at?" Jae: "About to leave the pad now" Me: (Staring at the clock) "Koo"


Texting James Me: "Let me know when yall are here, I'll go downstairs"  James: "Ya man, Kev is lagging" Me: "Who's waiting for him?" James: "We all are" Me: (Staring at the clock) "Koo"


James Texting James: "Come down" 07:15Kirby: "Wanna eat?" Jae: "Taco's?" All: "Hell Ya!"

07:18Arriving at Taco shop... All: "FUCK! ITS CLOSED!!!"


On the freeway... Kirby: "You guys wanna eat?"


Kirby: "I'm Starving dude..."


We pull up to Carl's Jr and pick up our sausage Sunrises... YUM! =) Then we're on the road again...


Things are getting blurry... everyone is passed out... my eyes are closing............ zzz


Jae: "Yo Catch! Does the 5 turn into the 805?" Me: "Nah man, it splits... we should still be on the 5 to downtown" Jae: "Shit"


"We're Here!!! Whoohoooo!" we were delighted to find that our hotel was connected to the convention center. Sweet! After setting up our little booth, we went onto explore the floors and pass out fliers like none other. (got a warning later from the convention) From what I can remember, the San Diego Comic Con has changed quite a bit. When I used to go during the mid 90's, it was just a nerd-fest of comic book collectors (like myself) that went to reel and deal on all the hottest books out at the time while people like me also dug crates for the silver to golden age stories we've wanted to read about all our lives. (Yes Yes, I was quite into it). But Now, with the rise of the Comic Book Films and incorporation of sexiness into many story lines, the San Diego Comic Book world as we know it has evolved into a legitimate epic center for entertainment content. The show was packed and split into the Old school side and the New Age Mainstream entertainment riddened side. Of course, with the rise of Manga, TokyoPop was one of the biggest booths there! The floors were packed as we navigated the floors looking for future fans out of the 80,000 people that was there! haha



The boys kept saying how there were so many nerds there... but dude, I can't help but recognized SO MANY Things that I was in love with at one point or another... Dude.. I mean from a Full Size Jubba the Hut to Batman Lego Statue... Warcraft and the Ironman Movie??!?! Dude, I was seriously in dream land... DON'T HATE PEOPLE!!! =P

starwardsbatman warcrfatironman


Left the convention floor and headed for the hotel to change. It was WEDDING TIME! Our boy Weishine and Nancy have been childhood friends and now getting married. Dayam, Homeboy is only 27 and it definitely makes me feel old. So as I prepare for the drive up to Irvine... I realized it was going to be quite the journey at this hour going back to the OC but hey, anything for a Friend's Big Day!16:50I feel a bit old and lonely. But gotta be happy for the couple man! =) In fact, I've never seen Wei-shine show so much teeth his whole life! haha of course we got Janie snapping away all day long! haha



On the way back to San Diego wasn't too bad. Felt like a daze but I was back in no time! Got to the hotel room and dude, we had such a good view. Well, not really, but we got to see right over the convention center! haha



Got to the club and found Giancarlo right where he's most comfortable... the GOGO STAGE! haha puffing on cigars as usual as we waited for the club to fill up.



The Birthday boy Mr. Stu Levy of TokyoPop himself said his farewells as he made his way to the industry event at the Hilton. And for the rest of the night, it was pretty much watching DJ VIRMAN on the 1's and 2's!!! Holla!!!




Kev: "Yo Catch so do we have to stay tonight?" Me: "Nah man, not really... probably not going to hit the show tomorrow but I'm thinking of staying a night so if ya'll wanna roll out, I'll just catch a ride with Ben and Gian." Kev: "Koo"


Ben: "Dude you wanna go eat? I'm starving!" Me: "Hell Ya! STARVING!" Ben: "Ok lets go grab Pizza"


James Calling: "Yo where you at?" Me: "On my way back!" James: "Ok we're outside"


We stood in a circle outside the club... everyone seemed to be plastered. Me: "So ya'll still wanna go back tonight?" Everyone: "Ya" Me: "So who could drive?" Everyone: silence....


Me Thinking: "Lets see what this Armada can do!" (Flooring Gas Pedal)


Approaching Downtown... James: "Dayam Catch..."


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