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Drums in the jungle kind of day :)

My experience being an entrepreneur has taught me so much. My business has turned my life upside down and around and around but my pursuit to provide my customers with a quality product remains my main focus always. The products I create are good for you. They enrich your body and mind. A healthy body results in a better quality of life. At the end of the day, that's what we are all working towards right? #PursueQuality #granaworld @granacom

So as many requested I have started a YouTube channel :) I hope you enjoy my Vlogs as much as I love making them for you..... I'm sure they will get better and better over time as I get more practice hahaha xxxx Again thank you to all of those that pushed and supported me to do this ☮️ Get this full demo on the channel LINK IN BII

The past is just as important as the future it's the place where we learnt and became who we are. Never look back and regret just grow and learn as we look forward ✌️ 📸 @jespermcilroy

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Just a few pretty things to get me moving this Tuesday ❤️🌺

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I might just sleep my way through this week 😂 📸 @jespermcilroy

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It's been a while since I have done yoga but what better way to get back in to it than in my home with my friends and family 🙏


Thanks for the lovely class @rosemary_vdb and @thestephaniep aren't you glad you dropped by xxx

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WEEKEND MODE activated and not a moment too soon 🙏

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FRIYAY 📷 @jespermcilroy

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I define quality in how it makes you feel. Things, objects or feelings that make you feel amazing and improve your quality of life. What do you do to pursue quality? Check out my interview here:


PursueQuality #granaworld @granacom

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May 20, 2008

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