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Last day in the grind before I switch on PLEASURE MODE ✅

@villavedas @theluxenomad

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This week is a long over due girls trip with my bestie @melaniekatebarnish Before we made a mini van full of 4 kids under 4 it was all you me and the sky baby. Food, dancing , adventure basically trouble. This trip will be more like chats, yoga, food comas and sleeping in. Oh how times have changed but I couldn’t think of anything better or a better person to do it with than you bestie. This time I will be keeping a close eye on the time to make sure we don’t leave it so long to do this again. omegahk #omegatresor

caragmcilroy 📸 @jespermcilroy @ Star Ferry ...Read more

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Just a few days ago India was terrified to put her head under the water. Now look at her. I’m so proud of you baby girl xxx


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Yay sun!

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Looking for restaurant to impress on your next date night? Check out my latest blog post. Hands down the fanciest vegetarian food I have had yet!@aquahongkong

vegetarian #hongkong #TheMcIlroys #42Degrees

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I got see some of Omegas beautiful vintage treasures yesterday. I was kinda in love with this beautiful petite gold wind up watch. I was joking I would run away with it when they took it out of the display. Little did they know I meant it hehe, just kidding it’s still there. I guess I’ll just have to save up for it instead.

omegahertime #omegatreasure #omegahk

📸 @mariakkw @ Causeway Bay

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Teaching my children to respect and love the planet they call home is so important to me. It’s all about sustainability these days and teaching them young is key. My kids had so much fun planting basil seeds with the soil mix with used @Nespresso coffee grounds. We love growing food at home and coffee is such a fantastic compost which we always have around so why not put it to good use. For me having our own veggie garden is so important not only because we create yummy, healthy and fresh things to eat but it also teaches my kids where food comes from. These days chil...Read more

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These cute friendship bracelets are easy to match with other accessories and super stylish too. I love grey and gold combo. Tag your bestie below xxxx


LinksofLondon #LinksofLondonHK #FriendshipBracelet


📸 @mariakkw @ HK ifc mall 香港國際金融中心商場

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The long weekend is officially over and it’s back to the grind so I thought I’d reflect back to my stay with the @theluxenomad at their amazing villa @villaveda They created a tailor made mindfulness journey for a special few. It included in villa yoga, massages and my favourite a session with healer. It all felt very EAT PRAY LOVE minus the LOVE for me although I have a strong love for Bali so maybe I can say that. I had never been to a healer before but Bali is famous for them apparently there are thousands on the island and people travel from all over the world t...Read more

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Thanks to everyone that sent loving message about Roxy. She goes into surgery again this morning and we are parting this time can help her. I just want to be able to take her back to the beach, her happy place. And for her to no longer be on pain ..... We love you Foxy Roxy you got this honey xxx

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