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Good morning everyone!  Sorry I didn't post a blog entry yesterday; it has been 102 degrees in Los Angeles and literally too hot to think.  I know that everyone who lives in LA and is reading this knows exactly what I am talking about.

 I noticed Alive Not Dead posted 3 episodes of my radio show, Hottie Help.  Please listen to them if you'd like.  The first clip has guest Cindy Cohen, winner of TV Land's She's Got the Look and also author of Amazon Top 100 book, How to Live the Live of Your Dreams in 30 Days or Less.  Cindy is an amazing woman who went from teenage motherhood and homelessness, to achieving the life of her dreams.    In this episode we discuss international travel safety for women.

You can listen to 30 other episodes that will be available on the Iphone as an application in October. 

Until later, ciao from scorching hottie hot LA!


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hello :D
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It's a great idea for a show Candace...I mean your radio show generally. I wrote a story as a blog here a long time ago about a thing that had happened at my work previously that was intended to be amusing but also just seemed like a good way to show how crazy people can be!! It would probably also be a good lesson for women on the sort of state they do NOT want to get themselves into. I work at a lot of concerts and it was about this woman who was too drunk at the concert...thing is, (and I hope it comes across in the story) the state she was in, she was unattractive and bad news and no sane guy woulda wanted to get involved. The woman was nervous about getting home safely after the concert: our remit, (as security staff) is really only to see to it that people are safe WITHIN the venue. I hope it isn't a cruel story to laugh at the girl...I think I did write it in a way with quite a bit of sympathy so that folks would find the story amusing as well as feel some sympathy for her. I know I did at the time, YET....there was only so much help I was willing to give her!! Whilst I think most folks would think that I and my colleagues actually made a pretty good effort on her behalf which she was lucky to receive and with less kind staff she coulda found herself treated more harshly. A lot of the amusing side of the story was my own discomfort and nervousness at having to deal with and try to help the girl; which again should be a lesson to folks about how unattractive she had made herself. I got nice comments about the story from folks here, but I would hope it also made folks think at least for a moment that they will try to be careful never to be in the situation that woman got herself into. Although it could also be argued that if that is how that woman chooses to live her life who am I or anyone else to tell her otherwise!! But in my heart I don't think anybody could believe that that woman led her life safely. I hope she got home safe that evening but if she did it was by an awful amount of good luck and thanks to the sympathetic behaviour of the security staff fetching her a seat and giving her the opportunity to sit down a good long while before leaving the venue.
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