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Evolution of Electronic/Synthesizer Music Pt.1

It really does feel good getting feedback on blogs. Was still contemplating on whether or not to write like most bloggers i.e. which restaurant I went, what movies I saw or which party I attended. I think I will suck writing about those stuff. Maybe one day but right now there is so much music I have inside which I love to share.

Electronic music has been pretty much been a very intergral part of my love for music. Although I start listening to Top 40 radio (the only format available) back in 1976 with Rod Stewart "First cut is the deepest", Abba's "Dancing Queen" & Bad Company "Rock steady" giving me the furthest memory back to how I first got started to listening to music. However, it really took a new meaning when I started to tune in to BBC World Service (Local radio could not satisfy my hunger anymore) that really took me to what I am.

I remember the first time I heard Human League "Being Boiled action", Tears for Fears "Mad world", Ultravox "Passing strangers" or Gary Numan / Tubeway Army "Are friends electric" really took me to a new dimensions. It is kinda dark and weird but wonderful as well. Depeche Mdoe then completely change me and that was it, I WAS TOTALLY HOOK TO ELECTRONIC/SYNTHESIZER MUSIC. Bands like Kraftwerk (yes, I know they came earlier), Visage, Yazoo, Heaven 17, Howard Jones, Landscape, Camouflage, Blancmange, Japan, New Order, Fad Gadget, OMD, Pet Shop Boys, Talk Talk & Thomas Dolby became my staple music diet. Trust me, there are probably only a handful of people in malaysia who listens to those stuff as they bare NOT on radio there. I have toi resort to piracy (cassettes) just to ensure I have the albums. I have since replaced most if not all of it into `legit' CDs.


Over the years the music slowly evolve with the New Wave acts slowly became just a phase in music history (too short) and taken over by grunge (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins etc.) and after that Hip Hop (Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Ice T etc.). Electronic music then slowly change it's course from mainstream UK pop to dance in the form of Trance and Rave. Acts like Orbital, Moby (yes, early Moby), KLF, The Shamen & Prodigy mix the bleeps with the beats and I was getting excited again. Yes, it was a whole lot of drugs and the beginning of the E culture in clubs in UK which last till today and became a global phenomenom. No, I wasn't into it cuz I was already high listening to the music in full volume!!!

The dance electronica beats just really takes you to another level and it really makes you drive faster (yes, I have a small local made Malaysian car at the time). Songs like "Move any mountain', "Go", "Instrument of darkness", "Insanity", "Charly", "Out of space", "What time is love" became my favourite songs.

Coming soon on part 2...Here come Fatboy Slimand the crazy videos, Moby went pop, Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk up the ante for Electronica. 

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Mark moran in spokane 920x920
Yeah .. music really does seem to go in waves .. kind of like fashion. Or pouplar trends .. on these 20 year cycles. The 50's were popular in the 70's .. the 60's in the 80's .. the 70's in the 90's .. Now you see a lot of things harkening back to the 80's. I guess whatever we grow up with tends to shape who we are once we are in our 30's ...
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Ah man – if you want to talk electronic music! Look on YouTube for an artist called "Trentemoller" ... what you listed above ... I think you would enjoy it. If you want more like this, hit me up.
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