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Korea- a picture story


Teresa(my girlfriend) and I had a wonderful couple of days at Yongpyong Ski resort in Korea. Filled with snowboarding, skiing and lots and lots of food. We weren't part of any tour, but part of this trip was organised by www.winterfriends.com and the guys and girls there were really helpful.

We had all of our needs heared to, especially important when noone can speak any English at ALL. We got a private car from our ski chalet (the pension), a lovely place, to the ski resort everyday. Plus we got picked up anytime we wanted and taken back home. We had a BBQ dinner organised by Winterfriends and met many people from different countries. We got drunk, well I did, and made lots of new friends, including a bunch of teachers who were teaching in Korea. It was really a great time, as you can tell by the pictures. And this is just Part I of the picture story.


Teresa and I ready for our ski adventure

Got to give her a kiss for goodluck!

No one can speak any English in Korea. Without this man, Alan, we would have had a real hard time.

My gf thought Alan was great aswell. Alan and I got really drunk on Xmas eve on Korean sake. He was a little hungover he told me. I told him all about my band and got him to listen to some tracks off the EP. He loved it!

This picture reminds me of something from the RING. I'm scared.

I couldn't handle snowboarding due to problems with my knee. So, I went back to skiing. Second time in my life that I have ever skiied before, and I was getting pretty good at it. The first two days I didn't fall over once! Only when it got abit icier on the last day, did I slip over. That's when my gf returned back to the skis too.

Teresa and I are pretty cold, but I have to show off my hair to the camera.

Watch out Spongebob, I am going to pop your bubble!!!

Another guy who helped us out, Hann, from the ski shop. First night we got there he helped us order at the Korean BBQ restaurant, then sat there and watched us while we ate. A little creepy, but he was just making sure that we were alright. LOL!

Teresa sitting back and enjoying a drink after 3 days of snowboarding and skiing.

"Baby, all you gotta do is tell me what you're sipping on! And you can be sure I gonna give it to you all night long!!" Sounds like lyrics to a song... wait it is. Im going to make love in this SKI club... in this club... oh... haha

Look at me, I'm crazy!!

Can you do this? I can touch my nose

So, as you can see there was so much fun to be had. Can't believe how great a time we had together. It was really great to have a white Xmas. One thing I didn't get photos of, but is definately worth mentioning, is that we went to Peak Island, a water park and spa, after skiing on Xmas eve. The water park consisted of heaps of hot springs with different kinds of flavours. It was so relaxing. Then we went inside to spend some time on the water slides. We had so much fun.

The first part of the trip was over before we could even let out a breath of air. It was so much fun. Then we got on the bus and headed back to Seoul for the remainder of our journey.


Stay tuned for the next part of our journey.... Part II

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Photo 66143
Thnx... was freezing. Just posing for the camera!! ;)
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Photo 65334
looks like a lot of dollars went well spent...
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