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I review Underground 76 @ The Melting Pot

After writing my own review of The Underground Compilation CD Party 2 I was approached by Chris B, the organiser of the Underground, to see if I wanted to write a review for them in the future. She said that she really like my article and wanted me to do a review of an Underground sometime in the near future.

I asked if I could review half of the bands because I didn't want to huge task of having to write a review for 6 bands at the one time. She told me it was either all or nothing. So, I decided to grab the bull by the horns and give it my best shot.

I was commissioned to write for the Underground 76 show at The Melting Pot, which I have never been to before. The bands consisted of Richey Lam (USA), Logo, In Love and Pain and Tai Tai Alibi. While I was at the show I concentrated really hard and wrote down heaps of notes, so that I could go have plenty of ammunition when I went home. Chris saw how much I had written at the show and was amazed.

After I went home I wrote the review and I followed along the lines of my notes. Actually what had come out of my head at that time of writing was not bad, I tried to keep most of the quirky, funny things I had noted down. Mainly just changing the grammar and things like that.

Turns out that Chris really liked what she saw and even made a comment to the editor of BC Magazine, Simon Durrant, who she is good friends with. He also looked at my review and said it looked really good. Chris has invited me to come back and review as soon as I have the time. Which I am looking forward to doing more of.

If you want to have a read of it then go to the Underground website here:


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