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in battle there is no law

Artist, trainwreck and goodtime gal


Some Not-So-Secret stuff about Me

I'm Brooke Kent a.k.a. Ms. Kent & brooklynbomb from North Hollywood, CA

My birthplace need not be mentioned, but I've lived in at least 8 towns, from small to large in Illinois and California. Currently the San Fernando Valley is where I've been stuck for the past 10 years. Ugh! It really is the pits.

I am a fine artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. I show in galleiries in California and I do design work for bands and various clients. I graduated from Art Center College of Design with a BFA in Illustration in Dec '04. I've also worked in the art dept. for an indy film and I run an online store. You can see my work at

My day job is slaving away 40 hours a week teaching multimedia design to teenagers ages 15-18. That's just what I do for steady income. I also work for large music festivals (Coachella, Bonnaroo, etc.) as an artist liaison and driver.

Hobbies?....oh.....i have so many....... Here's a few: snowboarding, going to punk and metal shows, sewing, sculpting, cooking, drinking, hiking, camping, traveling.....ok I'll stop.

Just last night I watched a documentary called "March Point" on the Swinomish tribe in Washington. Three young native teens were shooting their own environmental documentary about the effects from the oil refineraries that surround their reservation and pollute their waters. These kids had already struggled through so much, and were so inspirational because they were turning their lives around through their own film-making. It was really great. Here's a link:

Can't say I've taken any action recently other than voting, so here's my effort now: REPEAL PROP 8! Marriage is a civil right!

Childhood idols: i guess Edgar Alan Poe, Princess Lea cause she looked hot chained up next to never really idolized anyone, is that weird?

My Secret Loves:

living life by walking on the edge of a blade

highheels and boots

Black, turquoise, silver, red-violet, sage green

leather, feathers, vinyl

corsets, lacing, garter belts, long gloves, thigh high stockings, fishnets

spiders, praying mantis, butterflies, moths

fast cars, motocycles, and bad boys

vintage design, rebel rocker attitude, gothic romance

Can't Live Without:

a hot boy to keep me warm

my pets

punk rock, metal, goth, stoner rock, hardcore, doom


high thread-count sheets

vodka, sake, and wine

green tea, fresh pineapple, dark chocolate covered almonds

my box of paints

trips to the ocean, hikes, traveling to faraway places

driving fast


Alright! that's it, feel free to ask anything else..... BK

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in battle there is no law

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