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Featured shop on Cartfly today!!!!

I am featured today on theCartfly Blog!Please check out the article and feel free to do some shopping while your at it!!!![](/attachments/2008/12/279359_200812160835131.thumb.jpg) Take a look at: www.cartfly.typepad.com All of my wickedly unique gifts are $20.00 and under so get your Xmas orders in before 1:00 pm on Saturday the 20th!

*Free priority shipping and free gift with every $30.00 purchase!*Please visit my shop at Read more

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Four More Styles Added!

Ava...Read more

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Holiday Flea Market...Art, Gifts, and Vintage wares

I'll have a large booth with jewelry, orginal framed art, art prints and gifts

Come say hi and buy something nice!!!

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New Paintings! "Skull and Wildflowers" series showing at Copronason Dec 13th

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My new necklaces are in!

They make great gifts for your best friends! Which one do you like?

Be sure to check out the five other styles in my blog "What's Hott at the Upcoming Ghetto Gloss..."

 (you can purchase them at www.brookekent.etsy.com for $20.00)

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tissue madness

Right now I'm at work, checking up on all the really nice comments all my new friends and fans are leaving me on here, thanks to AnD putting me in the "spotlight" today. They are so nice, aren't they? I really can't believe how sick I am today with a head cold....sooooooo sick....just miserably ill. Feeling like I wish i could turn my desk into a feather bed and crawl in it and die.  I'm going to have to tough out the next 8 hours like a weathered sailor on the icy seas with nowhere to run to.  But, at least I have th...Read more

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What's Hottt at the upcoming Ghetto Gloss Vintage Arts and Crafts Sale

Hi there fellow art lovers!

Want to start your holiday shopping early and get the hottest gifts for your friends?

My unique prints are signed on glossy paper and run from sizes 8"x10" to 13"x19"

and my creepy-cool art pendants are the ultimate show-stopper...just try to wear one without getting bombarded with compliments!

I will be at The Ghetto Gloss Flea Market in Siverlake Saturday Dec 13th from 9-5 PM,  you can purchase the...Read more

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Welcome to my page!

Greetings to you all.....And thank you to Alive Not Dead for featuring my profile

I figured that I'd first use this amazing opportunity to invite you to have a look at my paintings and artwork, and if you like what you see, you may purchase prints of them at my online store at:www.brookekent.etsy.com

Ok. So now about me. Aren't you dying to know:

the boring basicsI'm a Los Angeles based artist, graphic designer and illustrator I work ful...Read more

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OC Weekly Review of the "Blood Work" show


This Halloween, the ARTery Throbs, and Something's Thumping in the Box



Published on October 29, 2008 at 9:39am

Trick-or-Treat, Bitter and Sweet

Kids don’t trick-or-treat much anymore, and Hallowee...Read more

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Blood Work Gallery Show Pics

Check out pics of the art available at the spectaculary spooky show here:


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in battle there is no law


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October 15, 2008