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View from Victoria Peak

Busy teaching Taiji Class....very good turn out this morning....nearly 50 students!  We started with Qigong and joint loosening excercises, then I did some taoist yoga and piyo with the students....many of the new students told me they felt a very positive result.......feeling energized and really stretched out.  Then did some work on Tiger and Crane Form ,with our wushu  students who also share the room with us...........original form of course ,was taught by Wang Fei Hong.......incorporated the techniques of the Ten Tigers of Guangdong......which included Hop Ga, Choy lai fut, praying Mantis, Hung Ga.and other styles......truly innovative wushu.......I learned two versions including one by Chen Chong Min.......he was the Coach to all of the Nanquan Kings of Southern Style....most well known being Yang Shiwen.........and Chiu Chin guo.  It provides excellent basics for Nanquan.  Too much of the Nanquan being done now is just Nandu   with very little Nanquan.......looks like long fist southern style.  Finished class with review of Sun Taiji Form, Chen Taiji Ruler Form, and some Taiji Sword Techniques.

Took a little time to upload a few pictures of our Victoria Peak visit when we were in HK......view from there is breathtaking..........you get a beautiful view of HK and a look at some of the expensive apartments and homes up there!  OK,enjoy your weekend!  Stay warm...it's a warm 40 degees and dropping!! Cya!

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hahhaha, good to see you here Fang sifu! how have you been! miss u!
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