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I’m so lucky and really thank God that I have a size US9.5 (or US9 will do too) because as you know, most of the samples out there are size US9. Simply because size US9 is more appealing, not too big and not too small, just perfect.With having size US9/US9.5, I got mad love flowed in by the homies in the footwear industries for their illest sample shoes. Everytime I receive any sample shoes, I’m psyched as fuck.Last Thursday, I went to VF HK Office for Vans products meeting (yo, Vans SPRING 2011 is on some other level shit, A MAZING!!). Anyway, Lee Hawk hooked me up with this ill Sk8 Mid from Vans Syndicate. A collaboration they did with W)Taps which is coming out in a few months. YES, finally, 8FIVE2SHOP will be having them. This Sk8 Mid model will come in 2 colorways; Black Suede and Royal Suede (which I’m really really feeling). W)Taps will also be making a VANS ERA inspired by Doc Martens, genius.Vans Syndicate again and again, never cease to amaze. Respect.PS: I feel bad for Eric (Haze) for having size US13 shoes, dayeem sun![](

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Seantierney e8 rouor
Sean Tierney says :
I wear US13, and I live in HK!!!
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Raffi says :
i assume that's JBS talking and not Annie! damn son! :-D
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Photo 39875
Annie Lee says :
Yeah this one is strictly JBS....I wear a size 6 in case people want to flow me shoes too!
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