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First Home buying experience

For those that have bought a new condo, maybe you can relate but there is soooo much stress involved in buying your first new home.

Anyways, we finally closed our new condo on the 31st of Decemeber.  (That is why I couldn't make it out to Hong Kong) sorry Stephen!!  We were suppose to have our placed closed before that but they had to push it back due to some maintenance issues, etc.  Our place is in Cheviot Hills which is right next to the Fox Studios off Pico and near Century City of Los Angeles.  Its not huge but I'm not complaining.  Its a new unit with about 1700 square feet of space and has 3 bedrooms 2 1/2 baths.  Nice neighborhood and very convenient to my office in Beverly Hills. 

So going back to issues of buying a new home. 

1.) Negotiating.  That was annoying. 2.) alarms not working 3.) Lack of return calls once you buy the place from maintenance 4.) No hot water for first 2 weeks 5.) No heat for first 2 weeks 6) Parking space dispute 7.) Moving 8.) Repainting the walls.  YES, I am repainting almost all our walls 9.) Decorating 10.) COST.

So, since then I've handled most of the problems and  finihed painting most of our walls.  I got the keys on the 31st of December.  Through all the crazy issues, I'm really loving my new place. I'd like to hear other comments of other people buying their first new homes.  Maybe I will feel a lot better.



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