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Costs of an aspiring actress

So I thought I would start off my blogging about some of the things that I've been doing and learning more about in the last three weeks as my step into being an actress in Los Angeles

1.) I started taking acting classes at a place in L.A called TVI studios.  Its Located in Studio City a little north of Los Angeles.  I saw some great reviews on it and the classes are taught by actual casting directors, actors, previous agents, etc. Just actual industry people instead of those acting classes that are taught by people who did extra work and call themselves "actors".  So, I started taking two classes a week (Tuesday & Wednesdays from 7:30 to10:30pm)  The classes are filled with aspiring actors from all over the world.  Literally.  There are students here on student visas from Brazil, Australia, Poland, Russia, France, and Japan that all want to make it out in Los Angeles as actors.  Its amazing to see so many people with this passion.  Makes me feel a bit fortunate that I'm already residing in Los  Angeles and I don't need a Visa.

   2.) I also got my head shots done and printed which are essential pieces to getting work as an actress here in Los Angeles.  I really had no help in doing this but I did manage to pursuade a few of my photographer friends to take some head shots for me for free! It can be REALLY expensive for those of you that know.  4 different looks for like $350-500.  I definitely saved money on that.  The only thing I had to do was just buy the prints.  300 prints for about $100 bucks. So, I bought 2 different looks 300 prints each and some business cards for a total of about $260.

3.) Next, I profiled on two casting sites to start getting some begining work.  Those cost be a membership fee for about like $100/ year. plus every picture you wanted to upload onto the site cost about $25 and additional $10 per picture.  So I registered on two sites with the cost totally to about $300.

4.) I canceled my Equinox membership.  No more financial advisor position at Merrill Lynch.  No more "nice" gym.  I need to cut my $135/month membership fee to now looking to spend about $65/month.  Not sure what I'm joining so i'm still looking into this.  I do need my gym workouts!

5.) Auditions. So this is one of the big things that I'm still learning.  So I started submitting for roles that I wanted to audition for.  In the beginning I know I have to build my reel. I know I've done quite a few hosting gigs but I want to get some more video for acting so you go for student films, non paying gigs, ANYTHING!  Well, I wouldn't do ANYTHING but you get what I'm saying.  Things that can help build a nice reel for you to send to agents, casting directors, etc.  So.. I've been going on Lots of auditions to get almost anything I can.   I've been blessed to get a lot of call backs for some auditions which I thought would of been harder because I'm Asian but its hasn't been too bad.   

6.) GAS.... and Traffic:    So this is the BIG problem with L.A.  The traffic is horrible!!  My auditions one day may look like this: 9:00 AM Audition: downtown USC Film school 10:30 AM Audition: Venice Beach 12:39 AM Audition: Koreatown with casting Agency 2:00-5:00pm audition : Commericial in Orange County 4:30-8pm: LA film school Auditions 7:30pm class in Studio City.  Its just a lot of driving around and places can sometimes take 1 hour from one point to another. Just a lot of driving around. I hate being stuck in traffic.  And spending lots of money on GAS!!!  GAS is way too expensive these days.

7.) Monologues: i will go into this more in my next blogs but basically.. memorize a few.  It will be helpful. So these are the basic things I've learned the first three weeks.  exciting stuff huh? muah.   Annie

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