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Boot Camp

So, I started acting class at another school... to add on to two more classes from the first school. This one is in North Hollywood. It's a boot camp designed to train you intensively for 4 weeks, 5 days a week. There seems to be a few of these around Los Angeles but I've heard great reviews about this one. Many famous actors have come out of this school so I was interested in seeing the techniques they teach. They also keep the class small so they can get through the students in the classes. (A little less than 12) Anyways, I started this week so I had to put a hold at the other school and go back to it after I am done with this one.

The classes starts at 6:00 and ends at 10:30pm. They have very strict rules at this school which we all had to sign this contract. Some of the things on this contract includes: 1.) If you are late to class more than 5 min, you will not be able to attend class. 2.) If you miss a class, you have a pay a fee of $50 because you may have a scene with another student and they will have to miss out if you are not there. 3.) No Gum, food, or drinks in class and so on. The classes are still pretty fun. We've got two days a week on Acting Technique, two days on Scene Study/ Cold Reading, and then once a week on Actor's instrument. Different teacher per topic. My favorite is the Scene Study and Cold Reading class. I get to use my imagination and decide where I'm at, who I am, what the relationship is with the other student, and then go from there. I like using my imagination and go outside the box in terms of choosing the relationship of the actors. If feels so liberating to act. I don't know what it is but, the more I take my classes, the more I'm in love with Acting. I really can't explain it but, for those of you who are more experienced then me, you may be able to understand.....

Still developing my Actors Reel so.. if anybody is in need of casting a role, I'm available... no nudity please. :-)

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