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I work as a graffiti artist and fashion illustrator under my own name ANNA. I started painting graffiti when I was 16 yers old and fall in love with the way of express my self and my art. Today I do big paintings on both canvas and walls for diffrent exhibitions, stores, happening or for private buyers. My illustration work has become to be the big part of my life this last year and given me job with both H&M and the art by 3 projekt that came out around the world under my own name and prints on both t-shirt, tanktops and posters. ANNA for MONKI (MONKI is the girlbrand with Cheap monday)is the other brand that I do collabs with. It is a crossover that has it first collection out right now and the second one will come out this week. That collection is my own design with a lot of oversize and sporty attitud and big prints. You can check it out on for more info.

I moved to Hong kong a couple of months ago to try it out and haven´t bee able to leave the place!

If you wanna come in contact with me for work just send me a email at

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