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Blog: Friday, Mar 6

Some fashion fashion and me!

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yeah...Im bad at update what Im doing I know. I have had a time there I have been just crayzy up in my work.  My third collection with MONKI is out in sweden and it selling super    wiiiieee and looks great!!!This time its mutch alloverprint and new styles.Last week I got the news from my friends back home to check out the norwegian company called Ginatricos new stuff...and I did and OMG they had just made the worst copy I ever seen of my print that is from  ANNA f...Read more

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Blog: Monday, Nov 17

Some more news...This is from a magazine in sweden that just put me on their list  as one of the most creative and importent women  2009....!!!!

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Blog: Monday, Nov 17

yoyo hee comes some pics from my time in Tokyo...

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Hey people!!!! Long time since I wrote something...but now I m back! I just got came back  from Tokyo but are on my way back there again tomorrow morning already. Im in love with the city and I dont get it why I havnt been there before!!!???I went for inspiration and work and I got it both!!!!Its a amazing place for what Im working with and the art scen there is fantatsic and the people I meet was sooo nice!Now im going back for a exhibition in Ikebukuro under the design week.So if you are aroun...Read more

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Blog: Tuesday, Sep 16

Just wanna say thank you for all your super nice comments yesterday in my guestbook and inbox. You guys are the best!!!!!!!!

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Blog: Monday, Sep 15

Yooyoyoyo!!!! I know that today you have problaly found me on the first page of alive not dead...so I just wanna say hey to you and that I hope you really like what you can find about me and my work on my profile.The last week have been all about doing my girls on big canvas. Still Im not done so you guys have to wait a couple of days for my update on pictures that I was promise you this week, but what I can promise you is that it is really good stuff to come :).Otervise this week will start with me be in a interview today with a swedish...Read more

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May 19, 2008