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The Soul of Heart

The Association Chicuace In Tonatiuh Sesto Sole conceived this festival share the experience of people who live their daily life through their own culture. Through their dances, prayers and through the spirituality of these people, we wish to share this experience with others and cancel stereotypes which often do not reflect realty. Our fundamental mission is to promote and encourage an encounter, acquaintance and brotherhood of different people; to contribute in conveying, evaluating and protecting tribal cultures; to support people or tribal groups in their efforts for protecting and safeguarding environmental conditions and economy, needed to preserve their survival; to maintain and emphasize their traditions. Only if we know the others exhaustively can we hope in a future where people will have more respect for each other. We perceive it each time someone stops us on the road, writes us a message or a letter, talks to us during our performances to thank us for the strong emotions they have experienced, for having had the possibility to live for just one moment when nobody cares who you are and where you come from, but when the only important thing is your feeling of living together with many different persons who, just like you, wish to share respect for others and live in peace with them. It’s not so important if you are a tall tree, standing out on the top of a mountain,

or a blade of grass, half-buried down in the valley. What is important is that, whatever you are, you are the best of what you are.How about 2011 festival?The show I preferd was GOCOO's one!GOCOO are eleven female and four male drummers who capture their audience with original grooves woven with Japanese drums, Taikos. On stage the 11 musicians from Tokyo create with almost 40 drums a music-spectacle beyond imagination. The cosmic beats and uniquely complex poly-rhythms are of such primal nature that they reflect all known music styles. GOCOO takes the audiences on a mesmerizing trip between trance and ecstasy with their goose-bumps music.

The GOCOO beat exhibits free-spirited Taiko music. GOCOO has succeeded in successfully overcoming any stereotyped concepts of the Japanese drum music, reaching their own, independent cult status. The sound of GOCOO's music is so unique that not only the makers of the MATRIX movies discovered GOCOO's tunes for their soundtracks but the band's sounds can be heard in many computer games and major Japanese companies, such as Hitachi or Nissan, also use GOCOO's beats for their TV-spots. 

GOCOO was founded in 1997 in Tokyo. They debuted the same rear, remarkably unusual for a Taiko group, at the Techno Festival Rainbow 2000. Although GOCOO has taken part to numerous so-called "modern" music events, they are highly recognized among the circle of traditional Taiko and it has participated in many events where, besides GOCOO, other artists from all over the world participated. GOCOO's music reflects all these different aspects of musical diversity interaction.I think they are very good musicants and also very good guys!Here some pics and interview!Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqiKNF5ieUo[![](/attachments/2011/07/10/16/51946_201107101613331.thumb.jpg)](/batch.download.php?aid=10001895)[![](/attachments/2011/07/10/16/51946_201107101613332.thumb.jpg)](/batch.download.php?aid=10001896)[![](/attachments/2011/07/10/16/51946_201107101613333.thumb.jpg)](/batch.download.php?aid=10001897)KAOLY (The leader!)Me and Naruna!But during this festival there are a lot of cultures rapresenting what they are!Tibetan for example ...Indian and so on!I LOVE THIS FESTIVAL!!!!!!Video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPaPnzlAKAE

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有一天他跟我说了:“妳要把所有的心思和力量放在比赛上” “积极主动,以我为主,控制过程,展示技艺,夺取金牌” 那天我感觉是最强的! Empty you mind, be formless, shapeless, like water. Now you put water into a cup, it will

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