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I'm really going back China!

As I told you before, f ew days ago I received a message from CRI where was writing:>Dobar dan, Angelica.  Ja sam novinar iz Kineskog Radio Internacionala, moje hrvatsko ime je Dragan.Ovako, ovih dana smo odrzali veliku medijsku akciju zove se “Putovanje po Kini”, a prijatelj iz Hrvatske nam je preporucio Vas kao natjecatelj u nasem izborima za kung fu zvjezde, Vase predstave i igre kung fua su bilo fantasticno, a strucnjaci i internetski koristici su pokranjali veliku pozornosti vasem kung fu predstavom.

Sada je glasovanje zavrseno, vecina strucnjaka i internetskih koristika preporucuju VAS kao jedna medu tri pobjednika nase akcije.

Znaci dobijete pririku za bezplatno putovanje po kung fu zavicajima u Kini, koje traje 12 dana od 10. do 22. listopada ove godine.

Evo Vam je link nase akcije, gdje mozete znati vise o nama i o akciji, http://croatian.cri.cn/other/2011wushuzhilv/ Cestitam, ako imate vremena pa cete doci u Kinu za bezplatno putovanje, molim Vam da nam poslate vas broj mobitela, a ja cu dalje kontaktirati s Vama.

Molim Vas da danas nam odgovorite, hvala!Dragan iz CRI. Than in ENGLISH is alsmost something like>Good day, Angelica.I am a reporter from China Radio International, Croatian My name is Dragan.

Thus, these days we held a big media campaign called ”Journey to China”, a Croatian friend has recommended you to us as a competitor in our selection of kung fu stars. Now the vote is complete, most experts recommended you as one among the three winners of our actions.

So You won a travel free of charge to kung fu native village in China, for 12 days from 10 to 22 October this year.

Here is your link to our actions, where you know more about us andthe action, http://croatian.cri.cn/other/2011wushuzhilv/

Congratulations if you have time and you will come to China to travel free of charge, please tell us you sent your cell phone numberand I will continue to communicate with you.

Please tell us the answer now, thanks!Dragan from CRI. And in chinese:>我们举办的这个活动 评选阶段已经结束了 你的视频很受评委的喜欢

虽然最开始没有联系到你 但是你已经获得了来中国的资格 现在需要和你确认一下 是否有时间过来 10月10号到22号

免费的中国之行 我们的行程包括 北京、焦作温县、登封、沧州

请尽快和我确认一下 谢谢!还是 恭喜你!获得了我们的武术之星称号! At first I dind’t believe.. I was thinking was a joke, but than today Vitali Osipov pubblished  this link on my Facebook wall, and so I understood it was real :*>Another contest – “Master of martial arts” was held from June 20, 2011 to August 31, 2011. The number of participants exceeded 200 people. In obsches complexity in the online voting for all the participants were given about 400 thousand votes amateur martial arts. The winners of the contest were determined on the basis of online voting and jury evaluation. The winner of this contest are Angelica Cukon (Croatia), Mikhail Proekt (Russia), Tomas Storek (Czech Republic). As a prize for participating the competition in October 2011 they were at the invitation of the China Radio International Wushu sent home – in China.

Congratulations !!!  I dunno what to say, just:>THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED ME, AND NOW I REALLY CAN SAY THAT I HAVE A “DESTINY” WITH WUSHU, OR BETTER 我与武术有缘分,CAUSE WHEN I’M SAD, OR SOMETHING IS NOT GOOD, I’M TRYING TO QUIT, GO  AWAY FROM IT, BUT EVERYTIMES IT CAMES BACK TO ME! じò ぴé更多在 三七 养生 网:http://www.37ct.com/viewthread.php?action=printable&tid=50066 This is of course a wonderful news, but, as always, when I’m going to do something, everything it happens at the same time ⊙﹏⊙I mean, I was planning from..maybe last april, to going to Turkey watching Wushu Worlds… and now this…Of course I’m happy, cause this is a very big price and experience and also cause I’m not in China for more than one year, but also I will miss my friends who I met last time in 2009, and specially Daria and Pang Yan.For now I only can wish you all to give your best there!To got more Golds as possible!And hope we could have another occasion soon, cause I really miss ya my friends!ぁ★|.мīss.чou★ ぺПу  じò ぴéI'M BACK ON TRAINING!

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