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Born in the U.S. and relocated to Hong Kong, On was approached by China Star founder Charles Heung and world renowned filmmaker Tsui Hark to take over the role of one of Jet Li's famous movie characters, Black Mask, in Black Mask 2: City of Masks (2002). Andy went to the Shaolin Temple to train for a month in stretching and martial arts for the role. Despite the poor reviews and bad box office sales, Andy has continued to act and, in fact, improve in not only martial arts but acting as well. He was nominated for the Best New Actor Award for his role in Siu nin a Fu (2003) (aka Star Runner) and shared the screen with the man who influenced him, Jackie Chan, in New Police Story.

| 安志杰出生於美國,只身到香港開拓事業。結識徐克之後,在《黑俠II》中來接替李連傑的著名角色:黑俠。他還為這個角色去少林寺接受了一個月的體能和技巧訓練。盡管評論和票房收入都不理想,他依然堅持表演,並且在動作和表演技巧上都有改進。他還因《少年阿虎》中的角色獲得香港電影金像獎的最佳男配角。2005年,他和自己的偶像成龍一起出演了《新警察故事》。

| 安志杰出生于美国,只身到香港开拓事业。结识徐克之后,在《黑侠II》中来接替李连杰的着名角色:黑侠。他还为这个角色去少林寺接受了一个月的体能和技巧训练。尽管评论和票房收入都不理想,他依然坚持表演,并且在动作和表演技巧上都有改进。他还因《少年阿虎》中的角色获得香港电影金像奖的最佳男配角。2005年,他和自己的偶像成龙一起出演了《新警察故事》。

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Really wish I could do this when it comes to traffic.

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