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Happy New Year! May 2016 bring us more funny, cute, and weird ass shit! ?☮❤️??

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Hangover be like this.

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Baked grouper/salmon, steamed broccoli, and red quinoa. Dinner by @jesscambensy ???

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The skills of @matteocharles blew me away.

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We made this with tortilla, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, fresh ass mushrooms, and a toaster oven. We love #pizza @jesscambensy ?

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About time he starts cleaning the hizzle! ? (Charlie was not harmed in anyway while shooting this video. He will never be harmed and he will never ever be harmed. Ever.) ? #charliface #charlito #yorkie

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Another talented homie @thatdanielwu killing it on #amc #intothebadlands. ??????

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The best candidate for the job. Hands down. @straightblast5 be water, my friend. ?? kill it.

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Charlie testing out his new ride. #Yorkie #robot ❤️

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Really wish I could do this when it comes to traffic.

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