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Andrew Wang
Composer , Fashion / Costume Designer , Graphic Designer
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CEO, Artist, Producer, Designer of LUXLIVIN Entertainment & Midas Reach (Digital Marketing Co.)


I'm currently CEO/Artist/Producer/Designer/Digital Marketer of LUXLIVIN ENT. & Midas Reach. I'm now based in both Shanghai and Bangkok, so if you're every in town, hit me up.

I self-compose my own music/produce/design and manage most of the daily business operations. I've also been shooting & directing my own music vids lately. Fun stuff and...Online marketing happens to be my specialty. I know, that's quite a lot of hats I wear but it's all in my best interest and skill assets.

With all honesty, I'd describe myself as an initiative, self-directed, independent, entrepreneurial, and reasonably extroverted individual. I move at my own pace, and possess an unwavering commitment to establishing my own lane, brand, and entity. As of now, my primary focuses are to further both my business – I’m curious to see what shape and forms it’ll continue to take on.

In an individual, I look for character, humor & depth.

I am interested in meeting new, aspiring, multitalented, musically intuitive artists and people I can discuss views upon the many facets of life with!

Enjoy life, and make everyday count.

I speak: English, Chinese, Thai (Some Spanish - Took 4 years of it!). Learning: French, Korean


Online Marketing | Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management, Copy-writing

Web Development Languages: XHTML, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP, XML, Ajax, JQuery

Web/Graphic Designing Music Production Video Production & Directing Photography Dancing /Basketball/Soccer

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CEO, Artist, Producer, Designer of LUXLIVIN Entertainment & Midas Reach (Digital Marketing Co.) Wh

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