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One day... Some day... Hainanese brothers will rule our world...

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Lesson learned da hard way from Summer Sonic Osaka. If you knew you're gonna be under da scorching sun all damn day, put away your sunglasses no matter how glaring da sun is. Unless you're going for da Reversed Panda Look...

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Hoot Hoot... HOOTERS!!!...

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Look who I bumped into among over 30k people!!! Damn I can't seem to tag Vernon Chan and Adeline Law... Anyone who knows them can help me???...

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So it begins... My Wristband looping ceremony... Summer Sonic! Ikuzo!!!...

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Got my wristband for two days pass... Dat means... I'm gonna shower with this on till Summer Sonic draws an end... Turns out RADIOHEAD doesn't appear till 7pm tonight... But later... Mayer Hawthorne at 1pm and MISIA at 3pm...

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Operation Deer Hunting Reconvene... Soon...

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Escape route it is not...

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Yakushiji, finally... Sound is still kinda bad... Ain't it?...

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She's a cool 64 year old lady cab driver. Geez... My Japanese language is still as bad as when I left Okinawa... Asako Suzuki Domingo Hiro Sugao and damn I can't seem to tag da rest of da Okinawa friends...

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...I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
April 16, 2009