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Hahahahahahahahahah!!!... Dat is one Lean Mean "Venting" Machine...

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4 days ago 14 likes  0 comment  0 shares

7 years ago, before Star Trek and Fright Night, I came across Anton for da first time in one mere episode of Criminal Minds. His performance was so deeply captivating dat I thought this young boy is gonna have a promising career ahead. Gone too soon... R.I.P. Mr. Yelchin...

8 days ago 14 likes  0 comment  9 shares

Da Purple color loving musical genius PRINCE passed away last month and nobody told me???... Someone who has made an immense and unforgettable contribution to Funk, Soul and R&B???... Either I have been offline for that long or there really is only a small number of people in my circle who knew and loved his work. Or has da new EDM lapping generation shoved him and his masterpieces into a far dark corner?... R.I.P. PRINCE, the Purple Rain Man, The Doves Really are Crying now...

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SHO FLUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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30 days ago 23 likes  0 comment  0 shares

This nigga had a bitch in his pocket?... Hahahahahahahahahahah...

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about 1 month ago 7 likes  0 comment  0 shares

... I just want yo' extra time and your... BLISS...

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2 months ago 4 likes  0 comment  0 shares

Waaaaah... I didn't think anyone is capable of jumping into a barrel of wet cement on his own... Wait... Was he bound and tied as well?... God Rest his courageous soul...

2 months ago 51 likes  0 comment  24 shares


Yet another Deleted Scene where Berg Lee and I gone completely apeshit...

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3 months ago 12 likes  0 comment  2 shares


Here are da Deleted Scenes from The Kid From The Big Apple. My part starts at 3 min 28 sec...

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3 months ago 43 likes  0 comment  11 shares

Is it plain stupidity or they were just robots taking da call?...

3 months ago 15 likes  0 comment  19 shares


...I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...

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