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Here I was sipping on my faithful Teh Tarik in a mamak when a group of barely legal clubbers walked past with one of da dudes asked his friend "Who's Elsa? Who's Elsa..." I was on da verge of telling him "Elsa is dat chic who has an insecurity stricken sister who wants to Let It Gooooooo... Let It Gooooooo..."

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Shot a scene where I had to casually do a bit of calligraphy, for real. Instead of getting da art department to fake it for me. To my utter surprise, here's what I "stroke" out... Pun intended... Very much intended...

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People... Just wondering, is there any UBER driver willing to do late night trips to Penang from KL?...

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There's always dat friend who makes you laugh harder as he/she gets angrier...

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Helluva Choreography...

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Helluva song... Helluva campaign... Helluva rapper...

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The Jedi Grand Master of filmmaking... Hmmm... There's an unsettling irony to dat statement... Can y'all tell what it is?...

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Makes sense... Problems solved... No drama... No Civil War...

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Ice Age: Collision Course. Punch lines were 90% skin crawlingly cringe inducing, even for sitcoms in da 80s. Yet it doesn't seem entirely children appropriate. It's overall beyond corny and cheesy. Only thing I love was clever use of da frozen UFO dat appeared for a coupla seconds on da first Ice Age. And da 2 seconds reference to da 1960s Planet of the Apes where Charlton Heston screams "...Damn you!!! God damn you all to hell!!!..." at da half buried Statue of Liberty...

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I think Hakka Noodles cannot get more authentic than this... It's so good dat I was caught in a serious dilemma between adding their KICK ASS homemade chili to it or just stick to da ALREADY AWESOMELY delicious original flavour, with no chili. So I settled da dilemma by whacking half of it and add insanely tasty chili to da last half... Man! I wanna get one more bowl. Chong Ko Hakka Noodles ROCKS ME CROTCH!!!...

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...I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...

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