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Kam Raslan. Hey dude. Can't tell ya how delightfully refreshing it is getting reacquainted with your work... After all these years... I gotta say, mentorship under you (though brief) and June Mong was unforgettably profound. I never knew what being a Pragmatist was about, and how crucial dat is in personal growth till I learned from da both of yous. Well, it's not as though there had been class specified on dat, da education had been circumstantially informal...

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Is dat?... Is dat a Pikachu dry humping my Rottweiler?...

mandatori #astrofirst #astrofirstexclusive #playgroundproductions

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Dat is one helluva Hard Rock Medley...

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I've been trying to learn this accent... Damn cool accent to have...

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This cop is not happy... He is not happy because his Gun was pickpocket-ed by a Sloth...

shooting #mandatori #malaydrama #miniseries

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I didn't know dat crunching on keropok ikan along with a mouthful of nasi lemak can be so... WOW!!!...

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Holy Mabuhay Balut Lechon Pansit Magsarap Na!!!! What da hell?!?!?!?...

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Once a upon a time I had a puppy, we played and we loved unconditionally. What was a puppy is now a strong and full grown pedigree. One stormy night, my beloved dog had what appeared to be my old I.C. in his paw, with a morbidly incriminating look on his face he yelled, "Oi Cina!!!!...". Stunned and puzzled, I only managed to utter, "Errrr... Yeah??? Dat's me...". He threw my old I.C. at me, packed all his chew toys and left...

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Ahhhhh... Da wisdom of da wise...

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Feeling nostalgic doing stunt rehearsal in da place where we shot IN THE GROOVE years ago... What year was it? And I can't seem to tag Jay Menon...

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...I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...

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