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A crazy Chaplin-like moment from 5 years ago...

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For real?!?!?!?...

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Too... Damn... Keeeeeyoot!!!!...

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As da Transformers Universe and Marvel Universe collide. The Autobots are on da verge of defeat against The Deceptions in an epic battle. One lone tiny figure hovers right in da midst of da ginormous robots. The Decepticons and The Autobots are now completely oblivious about their impending fate, as they behold their new master, MAGNETO... After seconds of awkward silence... ...

"Y'all Rusty Junkyard Scraps are MY bitches now!" says MAGNETO...

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No debates here about whether it is fake or real please. Just listen and take in da message. And what he said about politics and religions is very true...

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Wonder Woman, everybody was so fixated on how ethereal Gal Gadot's beauty was, dat most of us missed some of da lamest and cheesiest elements in da film. First, a villain with a supposed terror inducing name like Doctor Poison, why cuz she terrorize, using what? Bingo! Poison!... How are we supposed to take her seriously when her name sounds more like a villain for The Inspector Gadget cartoon? And who da fuck names an ultimate weapon God Killer?!?!?... Even kindergarten kids could name it better out of toddler gibberish. It's even more disturbing with da ult...Read more

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A little tribute to The Isley Brothers while waiting on da set...

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Anybody got reviews on American Gods? How's da writing? Good dialogues?

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Our guest actor, Shiro is on da set today... A mutt and Golden Retriever hybrid... What a cute mix. Her face gives off a blissful kindness and compassion. Like da Dalai Lama of dogs...

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When da wind blows and spirits glow...

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...I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...

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