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Booey Lehoo Arts Week is underway!

Game On!!!  This past Saturday, we officially kicked off the Booey Lehoo Arts Week at the Western Academy of Beijing (WAB) with a 16×16 Basketball Tournament with our Chinese and American students.  Eight boys from the Boston Unified School District were invited to participate in this special friendly basketball tournament along with eight students from WAB and sixteen students from two Chinese high schools.  Former NBA All-St...Read more

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Booey Lehoo to the Mayor of LA!

After a brief hiatus, I’m finally back to update my blog. Whether I’m in work or family mode, it’s been difficult to find a nice pocket of time for myself to sit down and plop something down.  Since my last entry, I’ve learned that people actually one use one space after finishing off a sentence with a period when typing.  Funny…this is gonna be hard to get accustomed to because I’ve noticed I’m still using two spaces between sentences.  At the very least, I’ll be sure to make the effort to use only one space for my FHM articl...Read more

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“不 亦 乐 乎” 北京演唱会、中美文化艺术周



will.i.am领衔 加盟   巨星会友“不亦乐乎”

“不亦乐乎”北京演唱会主办方在发布会中宣布已邀请到7次格莱美奖获得者、著名音乐制作人、歌手、教育和科技倡导者will.i.am加盟本场演唱会。will.i.am此前一直致力于科技及教育方面的慈善事业,并通过自己创办的基金会,大力倡导良好教育的重要性,基金会的i.am奖学金也全部用于激励孩子们坚持学习和上大学。will.i.am此次将...Read more

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What is Booey Lehoo??

Today, we just completed our press conference for “Booey Lehoo” at the JW Marriott Hotel in Beijing…

People have been wondering what this is so I’ve got some explaining to do…

In the week commencing December 12 th, Booey Lehoo will bring some of the biggest stars of music and sports from the US and China together to raise awareness for a great initiative aimed at young people in both of our great countries.

Booey Lehoo i...Read more

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Personal Train for the Some Personal Gain

Thinking about getting a personal trainer to get you back in tip top shape?

Here’s my take…

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One Part Discipline, Two Parts Craziness

Here’s my latest article for the November 2011 issue of FHM Singapore…

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Congratulations to the TARCR2 Winning Team, Jan and Lily!!!

Last night, we finally found out who was crowned the winners for the second season of The Amazing Race China Rush.  The race had come down to three teams comprised of Simon/Katherine, Sun Bin/Hao Fei-Er, and Jan/Lily.  Throughout the course of the race, the teams continually battled it out for overall supremacy, and it was difficult to determine who would arrive at the final Pit stop no matter how big...Read more

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Here Comes Season Three!!!

With the second season of The Amazing Race China Rush coming to an end this Sunday night, it’s time to start looking forward towards the next season.  In fact, Channel ICS organized an event earlier today to promote their lineup of shows for the upcoming year to their prospective sponsors, and I was invited to introduce and gush about how great the race has been, which definitely wasn’t very hard.

As the die-hard fa...Read more

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My Little Cover Girl

Earlier this week, I had some friends tell me that they saw Sage on the cover of some magazine in Shanghai.  Initially, I had forgotten about this seemingly innocuous shoot that ultimately led to my little girl following in her mother’s footsteps for the cover of a magazine.  This one happens to be for City Weekend’s Parents & Kids, and here is the rest of her “supporting cast” on the inside pages…

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Wax On…Wax Off

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