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Jumpin for Joy with a Hosting Reel

So Hollywood is a much different market to work than Asia, and I've had to come up with a separate Hosting Reel for prospective shows that require...hosting.  If you're curious as to how it turned out, then head on over to http://www.wulander.com

I am not sure if these are the most appropriate pictures to sh...Read more

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The Best of the ORIGINAL Heavenly Kings

Sure, AliveNotDead has a most awesome quartet of The Heavenly Kings, but who's your favorite from the original Hong Kong group?

Find out mine at...  http://www.wulander.com  in addition to what NOT to spray in your mouth!  

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Before the i-Phone...There was the e-Phone

A Long Time (not too long ago) in a Galaxy (not so far away), Taiwan had come out with "e-Phone" way before the i--Phone was even conceptualized.  I'm not sure what happened to the e-Phone, but I will always remember this TVC cuz it was just plain strange... http://www.wulander.com

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Need a Weekend of Wellness?

So I've been talking about and using this new exercise band called Loopzrecently, and now there's a special Total Wellness Weekend featuring the band and its creator, Wong Li LIn, in addition to many other health-related activities.

It's always a great time to get in shape (and get away) from the city life for an educational and enjoyable island holiday.

If you'd like some more information about Loopz, then surf on over to the official website at:ht...Read more

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Back at MTV in Taiwan

Throwback time...Just tossed up some old skewl MTV pix of me and the VJ gang back in Taiwan at www.wulander.com

Freakin hellarious!!

Can't believe my pants ripped! 

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Come see my new website at: www.wulander.com

I be moving!!

Well, it took a little time to get things going.  Thanks to Team Nuff Nang, I have a new website at:  http://www.wulander.com

If you get the chance, please surf on over and tell me what...Read more

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Best Burrito Around

Now, I know I might get some points of contention for this, but I'm gonna throw it out there anyways.  We all know that Singapore has really bad Mexican food.  Sure, there are some places to get "passable" Mexican cuisine, but nothing beats the stuff we get back in California.  I've searched high and low for an alternative burrito wherever I've traveled, but I always have to go back to San Francisco to get it done right...

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First Best Burrito...Now Best Pizza

After a heavy night of boozing in SF with my CAL buddies Steve Hsieh, Derek Hawkins, and Ian Tong, there's nothing like having some Zachary's Pizza back in Berkeley.  I asked them if they wanted to join me for some this amazing "stuffed pie," but everyone was either too hung over or busy that afternoon so I went to get some of it myself.  I've loved this stuff bac...Read more

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I just won US$750,000 in the Canadian Lottery!!


I just got this in my email the other day.  Have you ever received something like this?

SUBJECT: Dating 101: Dealing With the Race Factor

Your friend, CONGRATULATIONS you have won ( canadaisok09@yahoo.com) has sent you this information from Yahoo! Personals.

(Email address has not been verified.)

Personal message:

Canadian Lottery (Lotto lore)

722 Industrial Ave.,

Ottawa, O...Read more

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wulander is now on Twitter

I'm not sure if it's time to celebrate, but I'm gonna do it anyway (even though this shot was for my 31st Birthday)...

(Yep...that's Li LIn and Chen Han Wei laughing at me in the background)

Just when I figured it was better to hold on here to some rocks in Angkor Wat, Cambodia...

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Come see my website at: www.wulander.com Wow! I think I'm finally catchin on to this Internet


November 7, 2007