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"I Do All the Screwing..."

....Now, when Ann from the team of the "Dancing Mums" muttered those words as she and Diane were trying to assemble the bicycle, I just totally busted up.  Of course, it totally makes sense, but the way our story producer Ariel White cut it was perfect!  Great job, Ariel!  Here she is below:

Episode Two is now on the airwaves, and I've had to eliminate our first team, Monica and Ed.  The first one is always tough because that's when the teams know they're not far away from possibly seeing the end way before the final pit stop.  On top of it, I actually knew Monica and Ed when I used to live in Hong Kong so that made it even tougher.  Like I've said...It's a tough job, but sometimes gotta do it so it might as well be me.

This second leg was pretty stressful for my host crew because our transport actually got a flat tire on the way from the water buffalo carabao challenge to the pit stop at Fort Santiago.  We were all sweating bullets that one of the teams might arrive there before we did.  Fortunately, we still were able to get there before all the teams so that was good.

Here's some shots from episode one that I forgot to post up:

Here's my lovely greeter and me chilling for a bit before the next team arrives.

Here's our host crew with some of the local crew working at the pit stop for the very first episode.  We were having major problems with keeping the lights on from all the rain that night.

After all the teams reached the second pit stop, we had a little time before our next location to take some city shots of Manila...

...and also for our host crew to actually sit down for a meal. 

Alright, the third episode is right around the corner so get ready to see just how long I sometimes have to wait for some of these teams to finish the leg.  It's pretty "scary!"

I've actually just dropped into Beijing now to work on a television commercial so I'll catch up with you later! 

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oh yea~ Go amazing race Asia!!! It's kinda sad to see Monica and Ed to be eliminated.. hmm... anyway, wee~~ can't wait to watch the upcoming episode!!!! =) P/S: Allan!!! good luck in your television commercial!!!
over 12 years ago
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I missed the 2nd episode and won't miss the re-run schedule again.. Thanks for sharing ~~!
over 12 years ago
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*pain and agony* I just read a line I so didn't want to read! I am no longer reading ANY of your blogs!!!!!!
over 12 years ago
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Haha! Yeah, that "I do all the screwing" line in episode 2 grabbed my attention too. It made me take my eyes off a website I was surfing just to see if she if she realized what she had just said. LOL. (I only pay full attention when Marc Nelson is on.) I think it's cool that you're taking the time to share pictures, stories, and comments with us fans. (Like Neil Gaiman!) I'm a big fan of yours and yes, I also watch 100% when you're on the screen, heheh! :)
over 12 years ago


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