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Where'd the Fight Go??

Hahn-Yo Hah Say-Yoh!  Now, I bet a lot of you are wondering where did the fight go between Henri and me?  I was able to catch the seventh episode of The Amazing Race Asia last night here in Beijing and was anticipating the flare-up between Henri and me.  Little did I know how quickly a lot of teams were well on their way to completely unraveling.  Sure, I don't think many of us were surprised to see Terri yelling her head off at Henri, but Pamela and Vanessa really let the emotions get the best of them when they got lost, huh? 

However, it's always great to see the two Malaysian sisters make up when they hear that they are not last...and actually did pretty well.  On the other hand, I was even a little shocked myself to see Henri completely break down and cry in the interview.  I guess that's the least we would expect from him, huh?

Since you won't get a chance to see on the airwaves what happened to Henri and me at this pit stop, I will sum it up for you.  In this new season, we implemented a new rule for teams arriving last thatif they do NOT arrive in first place at the next leg of the raceafter one of these predetermined non-elimination rounds, the team will incur a 30-minute time penalty .  This might not seem very serious, but having an additional half an hour added to a team's total time could ultimately lead to their elimination in the successive leg.

For this leg finishing up in Seoul, Korea, we threw in a "curve ball" and reverted back to the original penalty for the last team to arrive by taking all their money so they have to start the next leg with no money at all.  Henri and Terri were both shocked to learn of this.  Coupled with all verbal abuse Henri had tolerated during this leg with probably his own "scarcity" issues,  Henri was initially very reluctant and angry to give me their teams' leg money.  In fact, he was incensed and refused to surrender the money.  As he was quickly working himself up into a nice agitated lather of rage, he even asked,  "Who makes the rules around here?"  I tried to stay cool and calm and responded, "I do."   Believe it or not, it was actually Terry who was the level-headed one here and got him to calm down and finally surrender their money. 

And from that moment forward, I know I wasn't on Henri's "Favorite People" list.  I think even up until today, he still takes it personally and would have liked to show me what he thought about me taking his money.  This is all I've got to say about this:  "Henri, if you are reading this...It's just a race, Man." 

Well, that's about all I wanna say on that so that's that.  Here's a candid shot of the greeter explaining to me the finer features of the K-Phone, which works on a different network than the rest of the world.  She's actually a TV actress who took time off from her busy schedule to greet our teams.  Little did she know we'd be waiting a long time for them to arrive, especially Terry and Henri.

All in all, Korea was great.  I absolutely love Korean food, and I was fortunate enough to have a little time to get some Korean Bar-B-Q myself before I hit the road again.  However, I must say that I still believe Koreatown in Los Angeles, California, still has the best Korean food in the world so make you try some the next time you're there and tell me whether you think I'm right or not.  If not, then maybe I'll let you take my money at the next stop!

Hope you're enjoying the race and be prepared for a continental shift as we do some major flying in the next leg!

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korea uses a CDMA-based network, the same as japan, if you get a quad-band phone made by Nokia or Sony Ericsson (and some blackberry's too i think) you can use it in korea and japan.... that actress looks a little like Ha Ji-won... (maybe its just the dress...) if it was her, i'd totally be jealous.
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this episode is still fun to watch as always. I thought Paula and Natasha would come 3rd at the pit stop, guess they were lost. so I was a little disappointed. Everything that came out of Rovilson's mouth always cracks me up, he's so funny. Keep smiling, Allan (o^___^o)
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Many things happended far from my expectation, accidents, losts and yeah Lucks. Not only MY sisters got shocked when you said that they were on the 3rd places~! You know, wz your previous bg, i kept my eyes on that Henri guy but see nothing on screen. Thanks for sharing Allan. And even you tell us so, can't imagin how the always-yell Teri act (--''). Plenty of surprising Episode ~ thumbs up !! ps. smiling and charming, i fall wz KR girl near you =)
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Hey, Allan! I am a recently-registered member of this site after browsing through the amazing race asia site, and yours, as well. I read your latest blog, 'where'd the fight go?'. Actually, it did not surprise me that something 'not-so-good incident' would befall this show. It would not only would spice up the show, but more importantly, it would reveal the realities of the show. After all, it was a reality show, huh? hehe. It is just that it is more exciting and enthralling to watch if no scripts were involved, just rules...rules of life, that is. Anyway, going back to the foregong, wasn't he aware of the rules beforehand? I am sure, he did. What surprised me was your observation that Terri was propbably the level-headed person in the relationship after seeing her rant episode per episode. Well, at least we've seen this side of her since day one, but for Henry to act that way and be confrontational, even challenging you and the very race itself is uncalled for. As you have said, it was just a race. What's gotten into him? Well, probably, the things you've said, but still no good on his part. tsk. Nonetheless, I think it is also fair to see their personalities in totality considering that the show's limited to the highlights of the race only, but if it would result in far-reaching ramifications, let's rather not. hehe. I know that the race has long ended, and I hope that in the next episode of the AR-Asia, all would be well between you and Henry, or so I hope. Hehe. Again, kudos for you for handling it aptly! More power!
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Was disappointed not to see the fight as well.I thought you lied or something but Henri and Terry should know what they are in for when they entered the race.Didnt they watch the amazing race US where teams had to give their money as well?? Get on with it! The money that u gave away is nothing if u can win the one million dollars at the end of the race buddy.
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I really love your accent Mr Allan :) I only heard your gap with 1 of the racer to one of the forumers . Hope you have already reconciled :)
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